Thursday, February 22, 2018

Threads of Resistance Quilt Show, Part 1

Not a lot of sewing has been getting done here. Last weekend, I had envisioned three glorious days full of sewing, but that did not happen. I did make the top of baby Ava's quilt, so stay tuned...
Marion with a wall full of pink pussy hats! Marion made some for her daughter and her friends who marched last year but they are not on display here.
However, last Sunday, Marion and I did make it to the Fuller Craft Museum to see the Threads of Resistance show. This show featured political quilts. Last weekend was the closing weekend of the exhibit. It may go to other venues, but I'm not sure. I took lots of photos. Be forewarned that you may find some of them offensive, so read on at your own risk.
Women's March 2017 by Kathy York, Texas.
This is a close-up of the background from the quilt above. I've used Marion's hand to show you the size of these tiny, tiny pieced squares. They finish at about 1/2 inch.
Lady Justice by Allison Chambers and Emily Robbins, Texas.
A Day to Remember by Emily K. Robertson, Wisconsin
Get Woke by Julie Parrish, Nevada
A close-up of the wonderful piecing and quilting in the quilt shown above.
Speak Truth by Katherine H. McClelland, Massachusetts. Doesn't this imagery remind you of The Handmaid's Tale?
Here's a close-up. This piece was made with felted wool. It was beautiful.
Still Yearning by Lyric Montgomery, North Carolina
Dawn Patrol by Julia M. Arden, New Zealand
Unplugged by Kelli N. Perkins, Michigan
Have you ever made a quilt with a political statement or for a cause that you strongly believe in?

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Miniatures

Hello Dear Blogging Friends!

I hope that you are enjoying Pugtastic Tuesday. Before I show you my pug miniatures, I thought I would show you some new photos of the Pug Boys.
Elvis, age 15 and 4 months (because when you're a senior, every month counts!)
LarryPug will be nine next month! He loves to have his picture taken.
Caesar, our baby, will turn five next month.
I also want to wish my wonderful husband Mike a happy anniversary! Today we've been married for six years! Our first date was on Presidents' Day, so we got married on Presidents' Day. It's my favorite holiday now. Coincidentally, Mike's parents celebrated their 50th anniversary the day that Mike and I met, so they just reached their 60th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary Bobbie and Norm!
Cutting the cake!
On our honeymoon in Hawaii.
I've loved collecting miniatures since I was a little girl. I used to have a collection of dollhouses and miniature furniture. I finally gave them away when it became obvious that I wasn't going to have my own children plus my only niece lived on the other side of the country and wasn't interested in my collection.

This cute little curio cabinet is in our master bathroom so I see it every morning.
Here's a close-up of the pug treasures inside.
This little pug in the center is from my childhood dollhouse collection. He is flanked by the jeweled pug boxes (they open!). The pug boxes each contained a tiny pug charm which I have put on my pug charm bracelet (saving this for a future Pugtastic Tuesday). The sea shells are from a special visit to the beach with Mike.
Mike bought me these two pugs during a family visit to Ocean City, New Jersey.
My sister-in-law Diane gave me the pug heart trinket box on the right. The pug on the left also opens.
Excuse the dusty fingerprint in this photo! Next job, dust inside!
These are two stuffed animal pugs.
This is an antique cigarette card that my cousin Liz bought me.
Three more little pug guys. See below for the treasure inside the pug on the right.
The little silver pug guy lifts up to reveal two smaller pugs inside, like a Russian nesting doll. I purchased this on Etsy.
The pug on the left is a hand-made felted miniature that I bought on Etsy. His companion is another small size pug stuffed animal.
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pug Valentines

Happy Pugtastic Tuesday! It is the day before Valentine's Day so I thought I would share some pug valentines with you.
Here is the handsome LarryPug on the Valentine's Day quilt that I made last year. I'm not sure why there is still so much Valentine's Day fabric left in the box... this is a queen-size quilt, with more Valentine's Day fabric on the back.
This is the card I got Mike this year for Valentine's Day.
And then I found a second card with chocolate lips!
Here's the inside.
I bought Mike this candy last year and he still has it in his office unopened... wonder what the expiration date is...
I have two of these sweet Valentine's Day pugs. One lives on my desk at work and the other one lives in my home office. Mike bought me one for Valentine's Day (I bought the other one the year before...). He plays, "I like big mutts and I can not lie." I like to press his paw and play his tune when things get tough at work. It makes my co-workers laugh.
I bought these cute cards to send to my niece and nephews this year. They are finger puppets!
I bought this shirt on FaceBook tonight. I couldn't resist. It will be a belated gift for Mike.
Here's my Valentine, Mike, and our baby pug, Caesar.
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Swoon Quilt: Behind the Seams...

My Swoon Quilt top is almost finished!

I brought this project to our quilt retreat last weekend in RI, and for once, it was the only project that I worked on from Thursday through Sunday. This quilt was a block of the month that I purchased online. This project dates back to 2013, but who's counting? I have UFOs much older than this one that are still in the box.
I brought four and a half completed blocks with me. By Friday, I had sewn one and a half more for a total of six finished blocks. I was motivated by my progress, so I pushed myself to keep going. Luckily, there weren't any near by fabric stores or I might have been tempted to go and buy a new project.
I changed the colors in two of the blocks from the purchased kit. In this star, I added the more vibrant red dots on purple as the accent color, rather than the anemic blue dots that had been provided. And then I paired the very pale blue dots with a pastel floral and that made a really pretty block. All of the fabrics are Kaffe Fassett.
My eighth block on Saturday night. I finished block number nine on Sunday before we left.
Here are the blocks laid out in my hotel room on a king size bed.
Next, I need to add white sashing and borders and the top is done. The finished size is 80x80, but I'm going to add wider borders so it will fit better on our queen size bed.

Here's the behind the seams dirt:
  1. The shop did not provide enough fabric for the blocks. I've been quilting for over 25 years, and I'm a pretty good piecer and a very accurate cutter, but this was challenging. The cutting layouts from the quilt's designer were miserly. The fabric layout for the pieces that were cut from polka dots measured 17 and 3/4" BEFORE cutting and the shop provided fat quarters that were 18" at the widest (with no margin for error if you squared them off.) I noticed that the kit "offered" to sell you an extra 1/8 of each fabric for an additional $5, but if you do the math, they're charging you $20 a yard for 1/4 yard of fabric. I ran out of fabric twice, and a couple of blocks have a lot of selvage in them, which really irks me.
  2. I used very, very scant 1/4" seams in my blocks. The pattern called for 3 7/8" squares to make 3 1/2 half square finished triangles. I had shreds to square up. I would have rather used 4" squares so I had something to trim, but see #1 above! In some places, some of my seams in the blocks are just a couple of threads wide. Hopefully, some good machine quilting will hold this quilt together. Fortunately, I have no plans to enter it in the Houston Quilt Festival.
  3. There are 81 pieces in each block. I deliberately did NOT count them until I had made the last star.
  4. Here's the good news. The quilt only requires nine stars because these are big honking 24 1/2" blocks when finished. This pattern is NOT hard. It is time consuming to cut and sew, but an advanced beginner could make it.
Are you swooning along with me? Have you made this quilt pattern?

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Meet the Pugmobile!

If you're a regular blog reader, you may have met the Pugmobile before...
The latest edition of the Pugmobile 3.0.
I bought the newest Pugmobile in the summer of 2015 quite unexpectedly. I had brought in the Pugmobile 2.0 (red Mazda Tribute 2005) for an oil change when my mechanic told me that my frame had rusted out and it was no longer safe to drive it anymore. My friend Carol owned a Honda CRV for many years, so it was the first model that I looked at, since the Tribute was no longer being made. Ten car dealerships later, I went back to Honda and purchased it. It's a great car. Lots of space for quilting supplies and pugs. In a perfect world, the Pugmobile would be painted hot pink with gold sparkles, but that color wasn't available, so I got navy blue. They had a red version, but it was more maroon than red.
Here are the Pug boys going for a ride (from left to right: LarryPug, Elvis and Caesar). I have a car cover on their seat and the pugs always wear seat belts. It is for their safety and ours. Imagine if you came to a sudden stop and your pug went through the windshield!
Here's a side view so you can see how it works. LarryPug is wearing his car harness (brown) and the seat belt goes through a large loop on the back of his harness. LarryPug is proud of his car harness because it is made by Martha Stewart (so he thinks he is quite special!).
The Pug Pack 2.0 (Elvis, LarryPug and Caesar) are great in the car. They dance eagerly when I put on their car harnesses. They are fairly cooperative when we buckle them up. They are quiet passengers and generally go right to sleep until we arrive at our destination. Romeo, our first pug, screeched either with anxiety or pleasure, almost the entire drive causing Mike a lot of angst.

Here are some of the fun decorations on the Pugmobile.
This magnet was a gift.
I bought this one at a dog store while Joannie and I were at an Embroidery weekend in Connecticut a few years ago.  It is definitely one of my favorites!
I bought this magnet in Provincetown a few years ago. I bought my friend Cindy the matching t-shirt.
I ordered this sticker on Etsy. I had one on the Pugmobile 2.0 also.
I don't remember where I got this magnet. I love that the black pug is wearing the crown. Not my Elvis, but looks a lot like him in his hey day.
You'll know you're behind my car when you see this license plate!
I don't have a pug hood ornament or pug car seat covers, but I'm thinking about them...
I think this would look swell on the hood of the Pugmobile!
There are lots of pug car seat cover designs to choose from, but I'm partial to this design from Groove Bags.
Have you personalized your car? Do you have a vanity plate?

Hope your Tuesday was Pugtastic! Sorry this post was so late in the day. I wanted people to get a chance to read Weekend in Rhode Island.

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