Friday, March 16, 2012

How it all started...
I've been wanting to start a quilting blog for the longest time. Sometimes I think that I eat, breathe, sleep and dream quilt projects. I have more ideas than I will ever have time to sew. And I'm a fabric addict...

Until I met my friend Sandie in 1993, I was an innocent young quilter. I had no idea that you could buy fabric without a specific project in mind. I met Sandie after my divorce from Barry Butthead, when I moved to Newton. I went to my first quilt weekend sponsored by the now defunct Quilter's Nook in West Roxbury, a place where I would spend many happy hours. The weekend was held at the Holiday Inn in Dedham, and I didn't know a soul. I had brought my pink and black Eleanor Burns' Radiant Star to work on. At lunch time, Sandie came over to my table and invited me out to go fabric shopping.

We went to Sewphisticates in Dedham, alas, also long gone, and Sandie introduced me to the idea of "the stash". Fabric that you could buy just because you liked it and might make something out of it one day. I bought a panel of seed prints and soon began to collect vegetable fabrics in hopes of making the perfect garden quilt. It is now 2012, and 11 years later, and I have still not made that garden quilt. My cousin Joel and his wife, both vegetarians, are having their first baby in June and I may make them a veggie baby quilt.

The fabric is threatening to overgrow my house. There is fabric in the attic, in the basement, overflowing in the sewing room as well as in my fabulous quilt studio above my garage. Not to mention hiding in the linen closet and perhaps a box or two in the dining room...

More later.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Nancy,this is great, very inspiring. Maybe you can work on the rose quilt when you start the garden quilt.


    1. Kim--we'll always have the Rose Quilt!

  2. You made me laugh about thinking you could only buy fabric for a specific project - I was like that for YEARS! Stash? I didn't have a clue. Luckily now I do. ;-)