Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A UFO Resurrection

On Monday nights, I normally quilt with Joannie in the Studio (my fabulous quilt studio located over my garage). Each week, I spend all day Monday looking forward to quilting with Joannie. Without fail, every Monday evening, I feel too tired to sew, but once Joannie pops over and we head to the Studio, I usually get a second wind. This week we were on a roll and Joannie stayed until 10pm, on Monday and then came back on Tuesday night for some more sewing!

This past Monday I was feeling kind of grumpy and didn't feel like sewing, but I didn't feel like staying in the house either. So I went over to the Studio with Joannie, and while she sewed, I poked through some boxes. I've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing in both my Studio and my former sewing room in the house, which is now morphing into a home office and machine embroidery room. So things are moving from house to studio and from basement to upstairs and I keep finding all kinds of quilt projects and old fabric that I haven't seen in a while.

Eventually, I found a quilt top that I had started a long time ago. The whole central portion was pieced and all it needed was some borders. It was a wall hanging that I had made in a "Midnight" at the long defunct Quilted or Not. I went back and checked my infamous quilting list and discovered that I had made the top in March of 1999. The project bag contained both the quilt top as well as some fabrics already chosen for borders. I remember picking out the fabric with Lynne Godin at The Button Box. She has such a great eye for color! Not only did I have the border fabric, I even had a little note pinned to the fabric with border measurements! So while Joannie made pillowcases, I put borders on my quilt. It went together fairly quickly. I think this little top was happy to be out of the box!

Here is my cutie-pie husband Mike holding up the finished top! Isn't it pretty?

While we were vacationing at the Vermont Quilt Festival (blog report to come!) a few weeks ago, Carol's Dad asked if we ever finish any projects, so here is my mid-year report:

So far in 2012, I have finished 32 projects. Most of them have been small items. I have only kept three things and given away 29. There are 3 quilts (one lap and two baby), 3 tote bags, 2 blankets, 18 pillowcases, 2 sets of placemats, 1 vest, 1 taggie and 1 purse. Plus, I have made 24 items for our Etsy shop this year (this was the first year I've kept track of inventory that I've made, although I think that Marion probably makes double what I make). I also have 12 finished quilts that just need binding, 3 that need to be sent out for quilting, and one top waiting for borders (another oldie, although only from 2009).

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