Saturday, September 8, 2012

Have Machine Will Travel

Last weekend, Mike and I went up to Maine to celebrate his brother-in-law's 50th birthday. It was a small gathering with 75 of Paul's closest friends (which was bigger than our wedding, Mike pointed out). We drove as far as Camden, Maine on Thursday and rented a small cabin outside of town for two nights. On Friday, while it was beautiful back in Boston (or so all my friends told me), it poured all day where we were. Nevertheless, we were quite happy in our little cabin. Mike played his guitar and I read a couple of books. On Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Castine, where the party would be. Paul's family has a lovely place in Castine, on a lake. Saturday night was a bring your own main course (Susan provided side dishes and dessert) cook-out with a live blue-grass band. I was tired, so Mike took me back to our bed and breakfast around 9pm, then he went back for more festivities, which included fireworks and a song written especially for Paul (the birthday boy). I went happily to sleep with a new quilting magazine and Kaffe Fassett quilt book. Mike crawled into bed around 1am.

On Sunday, outdoor activities had been planned, but it rained for most of the day. Despite the weather, many of the women went out for a 2-hour power-walk, while the men played golf on the lawn. There were about 18 kids gathered in the living room watching SpongeBob on television, so I set up my travelling sewing room in an unfinished room upstairs that overlooks the lake.
Here is my million dollar view of the lake. Look closely, Mom, that is your New York quilt on the machine. I am sewing on the binding!

Here is my makeshift pressing station.
Rainy weekends are getting to be kind of a theme for me...remember my Cape Cod weekend in August?

The perfect sewing room set-up! I have my pink  Tutto travel sewing case on wheels (at far right) with my little Janome Gem Platinum sewing machine (on table) and all my supplies fit nicely in the laundry basket.

It was getting kind of dark in my new sewing room, so I borrowed a lamp from the living room and put it on the ladder.
My brother-in-law, Paul, was kind enough to set up a card table and find me a chair. I had my sewing stuff in the back of my car, which included an extension cord reel, my Ott light, a pillow, an iron, a dual ironing pad/cutting board, plus my bag of sewing tools and my sewing machine, so I was all set to go! Mike loaned me his iPad (seen on the stepladder at right) and set up Pandora for me, so I even had fun tunes to listen too!

The sun came out at 3pm, and Mike went on a boat ride with some of the other menfolk. I finished the binding on my quilt! We celebrated Paul's birthday some more on Sunday night with a catered lobster dinner and sang Happy Birthday to him. Susan, Mike's sister/Paul's wife, had bought 50 Japanese lanterns, which we lit and they rose up into the sky and sailed over the lake. It was a magical sight!

Happy Birthday Paul! (disclaimer: Paul's actual birthday is next month, but we took advantage of Labor Day weekend). Mike will celebrate his 50th birthday in about two weeks!

Pugs and kisses,

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  1. Nancy,
    Any photos of the 50 lanterns flying/rising up into the sky??? I'd love to see that (have seen on travel shows for various Asian festivals & they always look Fabulous as they float off together) the more colour on them the better but just creamy white are still a spectacle not to be missed.
    Almost a magical/dream like scene!
    Sounds like you had a great weekend & I love that you are ready to go with your craft/hobby no matter the situation. Pretty Cool :o)
    xx (down-under)