Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Quilt of the Month

I did not make my December Quilt of the Month. It was a wedding gift from my Brown Bagger friends when Mike and I got married in February of 2012. My surprise wedding quilt was organized by Marion and Joannie. We kept Joannie hopping in late 2011, because I also organized a surprise birthday quilt for Marion, simultaneously (and obviously unknowingly). Joannie said that she felt like she was a spy because she was so busy keeping secrets from each of us!

My quilt is all wonderful Kaffe Fassett fabrics, predominantly in pinks with lots of other lovely colors mixed in. I love it! The pattern resembles a half log cabin. Marion found it in a quilt magazine.

A cheery quilt for December!
A close-up of some of the lovely fabrics.
LarryPug and Elvis were both happy to model, but I couldn't get them to sit close together. I kept posing them and when I would go to take the photo, they would move apart.
Here is my handsome black pug Elvis. He is 12.
Here is my most-willing pug model, LarryPug. He is always ready for his close-up.

Thank you Brown Bagger friends for my fabulous wedding quilt. We love it!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Thanks for visiting!

Adding links on Friday to Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Richard and Tanya Quilts, and Crazy Mom Quilts.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Larry and Elvis are having a spat huh? Kids they are always fighting about something. Sweet quilt, and what a lovely gift.

  2. What a wonderful surprise Nancy! You and Mike must have been so touched. Love those little puggy faces!

  3. How pretty! Their just as bad as my kids trying to get photos. Their cuteness saves them, kids and pugs alike. Lol

  4. I love this quilt, sometimes a log cabin can become a loud shouty quilt, but this is so well balanced. Mind you it is outshone by Elvis and Larry.

  5. good friends! Good quilt! Larry, you are always ready for your close up. What must dogs think when we point a camera at them!? Cole is so over it at this point. He has requested that I speak to his agent about any further blog involvement as he feels more treats are in order. LeeAnna

  6. What a Wonderful Quilt! I LOVE it!

  7. Oh aren't the colours beautiful - just the thing for dark December days!

  8. What a lovely quilt! Beautiful colors and cute faces...:-)