Monday, March 23, 2015

Lost Weekend

I took Romeo to the vet on Friday morning before work. Although it was supposed to be Romeo's annual physical, it turned out that the little bald spot on his chest was not caused by rubbing from his harness, but rather it was a skin infection. $342 later, Romeo and I left the vet's office, complete with antibiotics, special shampoo and a request to come back in five days. As I helped Romeo into the car, I thought, well I shouldn't spend another penny this weekend.

Be careful what you wish for... I spent the rest of my weekend supine on the couch or curled up in my bed with a nefarious 24 hour stomach bug. I didn't get to go fabric shopping with Marion on Saturday or to dinner at my favorite restaurant with my friend Kate. Nor did I get to go to the quilt show on Sunday with my gal pals.
Joannie sent me this photo from the quilt show.
Joannie, Sue and Marion went to the Rhododendron Quilt Show on Sunday. Joannie only sent me one photo. I wish I could have seen this quilt in person or read the story behind it. It is simply darling, even though there doesn't appear to be a pug on the bus.

Anyways, it's Monday morning and I'm fine and ready to go to work.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Good Morning Nancy, Oh no, you were poorly as well.... I have just got over a horrible virus as well, but I didn't have all those lovely treats planned. I am sorry you did not manage to make it to the quilt show, because if the 'bus' quilt was anything to go by, then the show was amazing. Hopefully some of your other friends will have taken photos.
    Poor Romeo, I hope his skin infections goes away soon.... being a good mum you have everything you need to make him better.
    Take things gently at work today.
    Best Wishes

  2. Oh I am so sorry between you and Romeo you had a crummy weekend. Think I had the same stomach bug last weekend. Boy I was wiped out after that. Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Sorry to hear you had a rough weekend, my friend. That big is a nasty one! Spring is here and hopefully all the bad germs will go away with the snow. We are in Mud season around here, which is better then snow! That doggy daycare bus quilt is too cute!! But your right, it needs a Pug to be perfect.

  4. we are OVER this winter and it's illnesses, right?? I officially have my third cold of the winter except it's spring. Feel better. LeeAnna

  5. I'm sorry the two of you weren't feeling well this weekend. Maybe a weekend of sleep was what you needed (and I'm sure it made the pocketbook feel better). Hope you and Romeo are much better today!

  6. What a doggy daycare quilt! Is there a pattern for this cause I want it! Hope you are feeling better and your next vet visit isn't as costly.

  7. You are a dedicated employee!! What's with that, getting sick on weekends and fine on Monday? Been there, done that, not I quit! LOL That quilt is so unique and cute!