Monday, November 9, 2015

November Cape Weekend, Virtual Quilting Style...

November Quilt Weekend, Part 2: More Virtual Quilting

Nancy D. is still making Boxy Pouches. On Friday, she sent me a photo of one.
If my friend Toni is reading this, I know she wants it! Elvis! (the legend, not the black pug!)
By Saturday, there were six!
Nancy D. sure has a lot of friends! I hope that I make it onto her Christmas list this year! Honestly, Nancy, I've been good!

Here is Joannie C. hard at work. This quilt is a gift for her sister.
Here is Joanne S. making an elephant, at least according to Kim G.
Marion assembled this star quilt top. Joannie gave her this kit as a birthday gift in January.
My favorite photo from the weekend. My empty chair at breakfast with my sad-faced quilting posse.
My delicious home-made cookies from Sue. They are all gone. Please send more.
Back Attack Update: It is late Sunday night and my back is finally starting to feel a little better. Mike and I spent our Saturday at the Urgent Care facility and then revisited the ER because I was having bad spasms again plus some dizziness. When we finally made it home, I took a nap and felt well enough to go out to dinner with him. Today I was finally able to take a hot shower and put on my socks all by myself. Recovery is near!

Monday Morning Addendum: Some additional photos have arrived from Kim P. My back is sore but I'm starting to feel human again. I'm eager to get out of the house for a ride and do some laundry, but I won' least not today. No heavy lifting for me, nothing heavier than a spool of thread. Perhaps I can sew for an hour or two after work.
Joanne S. has quilted the Minions!
Pat is working on her Kaffe Fasset Trees Quilt. Kim G. made one the last time we were at the Cape.
I'm resting, I'm resting, I'm resting. I promise. Today I've switched from ice to Ben Gay (boy is my back toasty) and from Aleeve to Advil. I also have some lovely muscle relaxants.

And one more thing. I have the absolute best husband in the world. He's been taking care of me all week without one word of complaint. Putting my socks on, fetching me ice packs, taking the pug boys out for their walks and keeping me company. He is one in a million and I am very lucky. Love you, Mike!

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  1. I'm glad your back is getting better slowly. I love seeing all the pics from your group get togethers. It's so great that they are keeping you part of the fun

  2. I am so happy you are feeling better. Nancy keeps making the boxy pouches everyone will have one, even all of your blog readers. :D

  3. Nice to see retreat pics, even though you weren't there. Glad to hear you're feeling better...have you tried grapes? Of the dried red variety?! LOL Not sure you can with all those meds, yikes. Yay for wonderful husbands. I know mine is a keeper; I was at a retreat all weekend and he did everything, even putting the freshly laundered sheets back on the bed for me to collapse into Saturday night! (it was a sleep at your own house, sew at the Agri-com type of retreat). Will post about it soon. Put me down for one of Nancy's boxy pouches if she's still going crazy on them lol!

  4. Hi Nancy--Just stopping by to say hi. Hope your back is still good!