Monday, January 25, 2016

The Sloth Diaries

For the past six weeks, I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week due to my back attack in November. Physical Therapy is just another word for exercise. It makes me very sore and very tired. On the positive side, I am building up my core and I haven't had any back spasms. Today I did 66 sit-ups! On the negative side, I hurt in strange, new places, I am developing a potential addiction to Advil, and I want to sleep ALL THE TIME. This past weekend I took a three hour nap on Saturday afternoon and a three hour nap on Sunday morning as well as another two hour nap on Sunday afternoon. That didn't leave much awake time for sewing.

I have finished the top of Sam's college quilt and sent it off to my friend Terri to be machine quilted. I also put the borders on Rachel's college quilt and will be sending it to my friend Kate to be machine quilted. Sorry, you'll have to wait until I get them back for photos. I also made the quilt bindings so I'll be ready to finish them when I get them back.
Purple binding for Rachel's quilt.
I don't have too much more quilty stuff to share with you at this time. I've made some pillowcases, a quilt back for Sam's quilt, and today I machine quilted some large squares on some camouflage print fabric that will become a tote bag.

My favorite candy has returned early to the stores. All hail the Cadbury Egg (the big ones with the goo inside, not the tiny ones). I keep an eagle eye out for these and found them a few weeks ago at the super market, in front of the Valentine's Day candy!
I do have photos from our early January Sunday Brown Bagger's holiday party as well as our recent MLK Quilt Weekend, which I promise to share soon, if I can stay awake long enough to write a post!

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  1. 66? I am so impressed. No wonder you need so many naps! Keep healing and you'll be back soon.

  2. Eeeew, sorry to hear that. Sleep helps you heal I've heard. Hopefully you will be stronger and better soon.

  3. Wow I am impressed. I can't do any, since my hernia surgery a couple of years ago. Sleep is your body's way of figures if you are asleep you can't get into trouble. :D