Friday, March 18, 2016

Row by Row Reveal

Time for another Row by Row Reveal! Eight intrepid Brown Bagger quilting friends exchanged the first rows at our October meeting. In this post, you can see the start of our quilting adventure.  At our March meeting, the finished quilt tops were revealed.

The people in my group were Joannie, Debbie and Kate.
I started my quilt with the bottom row of coral, fish and an octopus. My theme was In An Octopus' Garden.
Joannie started her quilt with the row of dimensional peppermint candies. Her theme was Christmas Treats.
Kate started her quilt with the top row. Her theme was Welcome Spring. Youngest Brown Bagger Emma wanted to be in every photo.
Debbie's started her quilt with the second row from the top. Her theme was A Tisket, A Tasket.
The second group of Row by Row swappers consisted of Sally, Kim P. (our fearless Row by Row organizer), Nancy D., and JoAnn E.
Sally's theme was Halloween and she started her quilt with the top row of witches.
Kim P. decided to do a vertical Row by Row and her initial row was the Funky Roosters.
Nancy D.'s theme was Autumn as shown in her starting row, which became the third row in the finished top.
JoAnn E. started her quilt with the second intricately appliqued row. Her theme was What Season Is It?
Everyone had a lot of fun. Give me a few months to rest up and I'll be ready to do another Row by Row!

We also celebrated the March birthdays and exchanged birthday blocks. Happy birthday to Sally, Pat, me, Terri, Jean and Emma!
Pat brought us this amazing chocolate cake with white icing, my favorite!

Terri chose 1930's prints.
Sally chose Red, White and Blue!
I chose black and white prints with a bright accent.
We surprised Emma with several bags full of gifts.
Good to the last bite!
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  1. Those row by rows are fabulous. Happy birthday to all.

  2. Great quilts! I really liked your row by row.

  3. Your row by row is wonderful. You still need a jellyfish. :D Your cake looks yummy.

  4. you all have so much fun together! those row quilts are awesome. I wanted to know which rows you made though. The dresden plates are enviable tool. Yours are very dynamic. I would like to own just any of them so I guess I need to sew a few for myself.

  5. wow all the row by row quilts are awesome. happy birthday to everyone. choc cake. YUM and the dresdans are neat too. I may need to raid my stash and make a few.

  6. I agree all the row quilts are fantastic!!! Looks like everyone had a great time!!

  7. Happy belated birthday! I would never have guessed that yours is a row quilt--it looks so much like an art quilt. What a bunch of beauties!

  8. Looks like you all had a whole heap of fun!! Great quilts, and all so different.