Monday, November 21, 2016

In which we meet Judy Niemeyer again...

I have a love, hate, love relationship with Judy Niemeyer and her oh-so-intricate paper-pieced patterns. Catnip or kryptonite? I want to make them all, but I'm not sure if I will live for the next 250 years...

Once again, I convinced Joannie to take a JN class with me. Ginny Radloff was teaching a "catch-up" session and you could bring any JN pattern that you had in progress. You have to be a certified JN instructor to teach her techniques. Ginny is a great instructor. Fortunately for me, she has a ton of patience!
Joannie worked on her Bali Bed Runner. This is a happy face photo from the end of the day with one of her finished blocks. The colors are gorgeous. Her outfit coincidentally matches her fabric choices, but you can't really see it in my photo.
This was the beginning of our class. Have I mentioned there are a lot of pieces....
Here is our teacher Ginny helping Joannie figure out where she left off the last time she worked on her project.
My sordid on again, off again love affair with Judy Niemeyer...
Several years, ago, I enlisted Joannie and Nancy D. to join me at my first Judy Niemeyer paper-piecing class. After the first lesson, I was in love. I was a paper-piecing convert. I sailed through my second class. I spent an entire weekend working on my Bali Bed Runner. Still in love with Judy's patterns and techniques, I signed up for the Glacier Star Technique of the Month while my Bali Bed Runner was still a UFO. I survived the first lesson. But I ran out of patience after a few classes...

So, I had two JN projects to choose from. I brought the Glacier Star, since I was confident that once we attended this class, Joannie would be able to help me with my bed runner.
Here's what I made!
It's beautiful and precise, so maybe I shouldn't mention this was my entire output for the class.  I finished eight identical units in SIX HOURS! And not finished. I added one more triangle after this photo, taking me up to line 7 in the ark. There are 22 lines of paper piecing in this unit alone.
Have I mentioned that Joannie and I have already signed up for another JN Weekend in April 2017? Am I a glutton for punishment or just a slow learner? Have you ever started a JN pattern? Have you ever finished one?
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  1. Ha! I LOVE her patterns and designs, but I am not sure that I could tackle a big project like that. I took her class on the leaf placemats and love them, but that was big enough for me.

  2. ROFL you made me laugh out loud. I have a pattern I think it is called Tumbleweeds. I have never even took the pattern out of the package.

  3. I love all of her designs also and.....have several of her patterns but....haven't made one yet. Good luck!