Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ben's Quilt is Done!

When I saw my nephew for his Bar Mitzvah back in June 2015, he asked if I would make him a new bed quilt because his current one wasn't long enough to cover his feet. I'm not even sure what quilt he's using, I haven't made Ben a quilt in a long time.

Initially Ben wanted me to make him a Rubik's Cube quilt. I bought fabric and sketched something out. Then I found some very cool retro-inspired stereo head phone fabric and changed my mind. Ben is always wearing head phones, so I thought it was perfect for him.

At last, Ben's quilt is done. I had to finish it before he got any taller. He is at least 5'11" and he won't even be 15 until June. He is now officially the tallest person in my family.
This is an extra, extra-long twin, finishing at 97" long.
The beautiful quilting is done by my friend Val.
Quilt holding was done by my lovely co-workers Julie, at left, and Dianne. I usually bring in quilting Show and Tell on Monday mornings.
I had plenty of the head phone fabric left over, so I used it for the back of the quilt.
I had bought this boom box fabric at the same time, but decided not to use it in the quilt, so I made Ben a pillowcase. I also bought this fabric with a white background and made Ben a pillowcase this summer.
The pattern for Ben's quilt came from McCall's Quick Quilts Magazine (August/September 2015 issue). It is called Lots of Boxes. I added another row to the pattern to make Ben's quilt extra long.
My quilt looks completely different than the one in the magazine, just by changing the colors.
Ben's quilt is wrapped and in a box, ready to mail to him in California. I hope that he sends me a picture of the quilt on his bed.

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  1. What a perfect quilt for a boy! I have a nephew who would love this. He is a Rubik's Cube expert and also loves experimenting with rap music. Well done! And I think a picture of it in it's new home is almost a requirement! :D

  2. A wonderful colourful quilt for your nephew - congratulations on your finish!

  3. Lucky Ben! It turned out great! The colors go perfectly with that head phone fabric. At 97 inches, it should fit him for a while. Though boys grow until they're about 19, so you'll probably be making a new one in a few years!

  4. It was so fun to quilt!! But, yes, it IS long!!! LOL!! Not even 15 yet! That Ben is going to be a big guy!! I'm sure he's going to love it...please do share if he sends ya a picture.

  5. Great quilt. I think you did a great job deciding on a pattern for him, and the fabric is great.

  6. sometimes it is hard to do a masculine quilt but you nailed it.

  7. Fabulous! You did a great job with the colors!

  8. Lucky, lucky Ben! Great finish of the perfect growing boy's quilt :)