Monday, May 20, 2013

Staples is a Quilter's Best Friend!

Mike and I went to Staples (an office supply store) on Mother's Day so he could purchase some recordable CDs. I happily wandered the aisles while he shopped. Lots of great things for quilters here--binder clips to clamp your quilt top to the table; sticky notes in all sizes and shapes as well as a plethora of notebooks and pens in a rainbow of colors. I am in search of a pegboard system to add to my quilt studio to hang my rulers. Instead I found this:
Giant Iris totes marked down to $6 (regularly $13.49)
I'm not sure why I didn't buy them right then and there. Instead I waited a few days and went back. Fortunately there were a few left, although I had to ask a stock person to get them from the back room.

If you've been reading my blog, you know that I am continually trying to organize my life, my house and my quilt studio. I've decided that clear plastic bins work best for me since I can see what is inside them. I typically label them as well. I have some very large colored bins, but they're not as functional since if I fill them up they are awkward and heavy to lift, plus I can't see what is inside them. So, I am gradually trying to replace the colored bins with clear bins.

I also found The Really Useful Box! How could I resist this? It sounds like it could organize my quilt studio all by itself. And it is so cute! I loved all those individual little cubbies with locking handles. I'm going to use it for notions like snaps, buttons and needles. The only issue I see so far is that if you tip the outer container even slightly, all the little boxes will fall out. Luckily, they do have locking handles. It was also available at Staples in a size with larger cubbies. I looked up the Really Useful Box online and it is apparently a British company. They make lots and lots of different plastic boxes--a quilter's dream.

This might make a great Father's Day gift for my Dad. He loves boxes too!

What's your favorite office supply to use for quilting? How do you stay organized?

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,

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