Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Hard Day's Work

Marion and I put in a hard day's work at the 2Pugs Design World Headquarters yesterday. I spent most of my day pinning and cutting, while Marion did most of the sewing. I put bindings on three fleece blankets, and cut out pillowcases. Marion put together the T-Shirt Pillow that matches our most recent T-Shirt Quilt commission. It is a very large 27" bed pillow. She also assembled five pillowcases.

I love this pincushion. It is made out of boiled wool. I have two of them and use them for different kinds of pins. These are my cheapie pins from Walmart.

Our finished T-Shirt Pillow!
Somehow, it is much more pleasurable to spend the day sewing, even if it is for our Etsy Shop and not for our personal use, then to spend the same amount of hours in the office. However, I will not be quitting my day job any time soon, because if we sold everything we made yesterday, it would bring in about $212. I'm not certain how anyone can make a living wage by doing crafts.

Our lunch break at Friendly's. Marion's hot fudge sundae had butter pecan and forbidden chocolate ice cream. Mine was forbidden chocolate and mint chocolate chip. Yum!!!
Joannie joined us towards the end of the day and worked on a table topper and some birthday blocks.

Marion and I model some of our finished products.

Thomas the Train, bowling, Bob the Builder and Celtics (2) pillowcases. They are headed to our Etsy Shop.

Red Sox (2) and Winnie the Pooh fleece blankets also headed to our Etsy Shop.

Today is Sunday and it is apparently chore day for me, although Mike has left on a bike ride for a few hours. I've organized my finances, paid a few bills and washed some dishes. Next, I have to sort several baskets of clean laundry. Lest you think Mike is shirking from chores, don't worry, he is cooking dinner. Tonight it is shrimp grilled on a cedar plank. If I have any energy left I'm going to go downstairs to the basement and try to attack some of the clutter lurking below.

Hope you are having a great day! I am linking this post up to Sew Many Ways.

Pugs and kisses,

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