Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bed Quilt Entry for Blogger's Quilt Festival 2013

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

I'm sorry that you may have seen this quilt before but it is reappearing for an important reason. I am entering it in Amy's Creative Side's annual Blogger's Quilt Festival in the Bed Quilt Category. You can vote later this week from November 1st through November 7th on Amy's blog.

I love this quilt for so many reasons. First, I think it is one of the most gorgeous quilts that I have ever made. I love the ten colors of batik that radiate out from the center. I did NOT want to give this quilt away. This quilt was a wedding gift for my co-worker Anna. Anna has worked with me for 8 years. We are very close and I love her very much. We picked out the fabrics together when we were on a business trip, so I knew that the colors were exactly what she wanted. Even her husband was thrilled with the finished quilt and the two of them wrote me a beautiful thank you note.

Quilt Statistics:
  • Size: 96"x108" (king size bed)
  • Pattern: Blooming 9-Patch from the book, Traditions with a Twist by Blanche Young and Dalene Young-Stone
  • Fabric: Batik
  • Sewn by: Yours Truly, aka PugMom. It took about a year, working on it among other projects.
  • Professionally Machine Quilted by Shirley Gammon from Blue Moose Quilting in Maine (no website unfortunately)
  • Number of pieces: one zillion (or too many to count)
  • Original blog post here. This post had 611 views and got 18 comments, which was monumental for me.

Anna's Amazing Wedding Quilt. Joannie on the left, me on the right.

The very first stitches in Anna's quilt. May 2012.

From such humble beginnings...
It grew.
It even went on vacation to Cape Cod with me, shown here on
the rug at Sue's Cape Cod house (Marion's daughter).
Putting together the corner units.
Assembling in halves.
The finished top!
I hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt again. Please vote for me on November 1st. I don't expect to win, but it's great fun to see all the entries and visit all the other blogs.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful. I love the gentle colour shift....

  2. You have every right to be proud of this quilt it is stunning!

  3. "Anna's Amazing Wedding Quillt" is the perfect name for this. It is amazingly gorgeous. :D

  4. Wowie Zowie!! There really is a zillion pieces!! The colours change so beautifully, as though they're melting into each other.

  5. Honestly, this is an amazing quilt!!! Stunning.