Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cape Cod Final Wrap Up

Looking back at all the beautiful projects, blogged, here, here and here, I can see that despite my own paltry efforts, a lot of progress was made at our Cape Cod quilting weekend. I didn't even get a photo of everyone's projects because some of the girls are such fast sewers that they would whip a top together, put it away and then move on to the next project without giving me a minute for a single photograph.

Here is my other quilt pattern designer friend Karen. Karen has graced the pages of my blog many times before. You can find more information about Karen's business, Quilt Lily Designs, just by clicking the link. She has an Etsy shop too.

The first two patterns shown below are brand new. I don't think they're on Karen's website yet, but you can always send her an email and inquire.

I believe this pattern comes with an option for additional sizes.

This sample has gorgeous peacock fabric in it.

This pattern is called Linked Up.

Pat was looking for some purple fabric in her stash when she found the blocks for this quilt top. It is a Sampler Quilt that she started a long time ago at the Quilter's Compass. She added sashing and cornerstones and now it is ready to be quilted. She made good use of her purple stash--that's where she found the border fabric which coordinates perfectly.
Purple Sampler Quilt by Pat

Mystery Quilt done in Amy Butler fabrics
Pat brought the finished quilt shown above to sleep under (it's cold at the hotel). This is a mystery quilt that we did a few years ago. Sorry the photo doesn't do it justice.

Jo Ann E., at right, (assisted by Debby) made a matching pair
of quilts using birthday blocks. Jo Ann is very fond of muted colors.
We tease each other all the time, since I like brights.

Marion made this pretty table runner.
Cordula layered her flannel quilt top.

Joan S. is working on this brightly colored quilt.
Kate says, We're not stringing you along, come back soon
for more quilting adventures with PugMom Quilts!
Hope you enjoyed our virtual quilt show!

Pugs and kisses,