Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

I first read about 10 Quilty Little Secrets on Tanya's blog and was pleased to see that she had included the original source for this sweeping web phenomenon, 13 Spools, who has now added a Linky Party! I'm having a blast reading everyone's true quilting confessions and I encourage you to add your own.

Here's my top 10. Remember, what happens on the blog, stays on the blog.

1. I like big rotary cutters and I can not lie. I use that 60 mm blade for everything! Cutting is one of my favorite quilting tasks. I also love gadgets, especially rulers.

2. I'm a thread snob and converted to Aurifil a couple of years ago. It is expensive, but it takes me a while to go through a spool. I use the basic grey for all my piecing.

3. I re-read my own blog. Otherwise, I can't remember what I did the week before...

4. To quote my friend Margaret, "I don't do hand-jobs." I sew all my bindings by machine, front and back. Life's too short to stop and hand sew. That's why I have no buttons on my pants.

5. I don't quilt anything larger than a baby quilt, and even then I am limited to straight lines using a walking foot. I've never mastered free motion quilting, although I admire it, and I send all my quilts out to be professionally machine quilted. Yes, this can be an expensive hobby.

6. I think that current fabric prices are crazy. I'm not about to start de-boning plaid shirts from Goodwill, but I've stopped buying fabric on "spec", unless I am buying it for under $5 a yard.

7. Despite quilting secret #6, I have more fabric than I will ever sew in 10 life times. I also have enough UFOs to go to the moon and back.

8. I don't "get" mug rugs. Really?

9. I've taken a class with Kaffe Fassett. I still love his fabric and his books, but he's not the nicest guy. Brandon Mably, however, is a great big teddy bear. Remember, this is my blog and my opinion, you're entitled to your own.

10. I don't like to fuss around and make individual quilt blocks with a zillion pieces. I prefer strip piecing. Two of my favorite patterns that use this technique, that I make frequently are Yellow Brick Road and Scrappy Bargello. Scrappy Bargello is a free pattern on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website. I LOVE Bonnie Hunter (and yes, I've taken a class with her and she is VERY NICE!). That being said, Bonnie does have a passion for scrap blocks with a zillion pieces...

Sorry, I'm on a roll and I can't stop.

11. There are always LifeSavers and chocolate in my Studio. Every artist needs fuel.

Fess up fellow quilters! What are your 10 Quilty Little Secrets!

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  1. "what happens on the blog, stays on the blog" - Hahahah - Got it!
    Loved your funny list Nancy, thanks for the laughs!

  2. Hah! I love the 60 mm cutter too. It's the best! And what's a quilt without a couple bits of chocolate mixed in?

  3. Nancy, I love your sense of humor! The "no hand jobs" is hysterical. Thank you for giving me credit and telling everyone about the linking party, I had no idea!

  4. You got me laughing! #1 - yes, #2 - just using Aurifil for the first time, it is so nice!,#8 #9 are why I'm laughing!

  5. When I read #4 I thought that was yours then I realized that they were all yours!

  6. Enjoyed the read!
    Chocolate is my favorite notion, and even though I enjoy lots of piecing, Bonnie Hunter scares me, haha!!

  7. I need to think about these secrets. I may need to write mine down, too. Thanks for a great post and the inspiration!

  8. I don't like working with a zillion pieces it drives me nuts and I am trying to master free motion quilting, just need to take time and practice.

  9. This has been a pleasure to read! I love secrets... And I can keep them. I have to read this again tomorrow over coffee..... It's that good!

  10. Your posts always make me laugh! I enjoyed reading some of your secrets! Who knew, about Kaffe - who knew! I think that's one of my pet peeves, some of the big 'sew-lebrities seem to take their status a bit too high...and are a little big for their britches. The ones that keep it fun and not take it so seriously are #1 in my book!!

  11. #8 mug rugs...didn't we use to call these things coasters?