Sunday, August 24, 2014

Everypuggy Must Get Stoned!

This is a scary story with a happy ending.

On Friday night I came home after having my hair done. Mike greeted me at the door with, "Romeo threw up and Elvis threw up twice." Since I had taken the pugs to the park that afternoon and they had foraged in the woods, it wasn't a surprise. The pugs go off leash in the park every day. They don't always go up into the wooded area, but on Friday afternoon they had spent some quality time there. I don't go in after them because the woods are full of poison ivy.

We took them outside in case they had to throw up again. That's when I noticed that both Elvis and Romeo were swaying back and forth in an odd manner. I called my dog expert friend Cindy who agreed that it wasn't normal and off to the veterinary hospital we went.

We spent some quality time (and a whole lotta money) here on Friday night.
Daddy and LarryPug came along for moral support.
Elvis didn't like the flash.
Romeo hid under the bench.
We are fortunate to have three 24-hour veterinary facilities within a 20 minute drive of our house. We went to the VCA in Weymouth because both Romeo and Elvis had been seen there before, so our records were on file. Although it felt like we were there for a couple of days, it was more like an hour and a half. The staff was loving and kind, and the dog care was excellent.

Both the vet tech and the veterinarian offered us the same diagnosis, "Was is possible that Romeo and Elvis had ingested marijuana?" Really, the pugs were stoned? Well that explained why they were acting like drunken sailors. Sure, it was possible. The local teenagers party in the park at night, so it was likely they had left the pugs a little present. The vet explained that even a tiny bit, like the end of a joint would have been enough. (Please note that the marijuana was NOT at our house).
My blogging friend Lara sent me this cartoon from Pinterest.
We left the pugs there for 24 hour observation. They did blood work, gave them charcoal (to prevent any toxins from binding), and gave them IV fluid. I was able to pick them up on Saturday at 5pm. When I went there to pick them up I ran into a coworker whose dog had ingested weed killer. Luckily her dog had recovered and she was being picked up too.
The scene of the crime
We went back to the park today, but when we got close to the woods, all the puggies were put on leash!
Here we are this morning trying to gather
the three pugs for a photo with Daddy.
Photo shoot in progress. Here is Mike with Elvis and LarryPug
A successful photo with Daddy and LarryPug. Elvis is actually behind
LarryPug in the photo, but is hidden from view.
I am happy to report that Romeo and Elvis are fully recovered. LarryPug enjoyed his brief chance at being an only child, but we think that he was happy when his pug brothers returned.

Don't let your poochies (or kitties) eat marijuana!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Your poor puppies. It sounds very scary and very, very expensive! I am glad they have all recovered.

  2. Oh my, glad all's well now - Chris :D

  3. Wow! That is scary! Is it possible maybe there are some wild wacky weed plants growing in those woods? :) So glad it all turned out well and they are both home and recovering. That picture Lara sent you is too darn cute!! :)

  4. Oh poor babies, it is funny but expensive. Just like human kids! Stupid things which are terrifying at first, then funny but cost you a lot of money. Obviously Romeo and Elvis never heard the just say no campaign.

  5. Oh NO! That is just an awful thing to happen to those pug boys. Mimi and I are both glad to hear they are doing better! I love the picture your friend sent you! How perfect! And the one pug even has a quilt!! LOVE it.

  6. They have to stop hanging out with the bad dogs.

  7. Oh Nancy, it is awful to have scares like that! We've had a couple with our pups and I know what it feels like. I am so glad to hear they made it through detox. that is a danger you never would have expected. "LarryPug enjoyed his brief chance at being an only child" LOL - toooo funny! So we must have been having some sort of ESP link going on because I had no idea how appropriate that cartoon was! I just thought you would love the little pugs with their quilt and book and tea.

  8. Omg, that's crazy!! I'm glad they are ok! I once paid $400 for the vet to tell me my dog shouldn't eat duck poo. As if I didn't know that...