Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November at the Cape, The Award Edition, Part 2

If you're catching up, I spent this past weekend in Cape Cod with many of my Brown Bagger quilting buddies.

Most Self-Admired Quilt Award is given to me, by me. I happily worked on my blue and purple Scrap Wave all weekend long. I brought two other projects with me, but they never left the car.
I finished three panels over the weekend.
Perhaps, if I hadn't taken three hours off on Friday for a fabric buying
excursion with Joannie and Marion, I would have finished my fourth panel!
I happily sang my own new original song, I Love Purple
to the tune of I Love Trash, by Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street.
So far, my song only has a few lines:
I love purple, anything violet, or lilac, or grape-y.
Your lyrical suggestions are welcome.

The next award is for Project Most Likely to Fit in a Shoebox, which goes to Kim P.  Kim's projects keep getting tinier and tinier and this one is no exception. Check out these blocks. It certainly makes packing her car easy!
This block is made up of 1.5 inch squares, cut from Kim's stash.
Here is her tidy little work area this weekend.
Kim chain pieces all of her blocks in one direction. She is saving the pressing stage
for television time at home. She had finished 30 blocks on Day 1, I'm not sure
how many she finished over the course of the weekend.

Cheryl took the award for Project I'd Most Like to Steal when it is finished.
We did these blocks as Birthday Blocks one year, but Cheryl made all of these on her own. I love how she fussy cut each of her center blocks and then repeated that fabric somewhere else in the block.

Jo Ann E. received the award for Fastest Project with her lovely table runner, Cat Tails.
Jo Ann purchased this pattern from Karen on Saturday and had the finished table runner top on Sunday morning. She used Halloween prints for her background.

Stay tuned, there will be more to read later this week about my Cape Cod weekend. In the mean time, I'm off to Pittsburgh for a brief business trip. If you get bored, you can re-read some of my older posts.

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  1. I think Most Likely to Steal when finished goes also to your purple quilt. I love it!! :)

  2. You girls rock! Wow so many things accomplished.

  3. Your purple wave scrap quilt is awesome! I love the colors you are using!

  4. Love the purple scrap quilt and the Kaffee blocks.

  5. I think I would want to steal the Kaffe quilt too! Gorgeous work everyone, you have all been super busy!

  6. Everyone's projects are so different! What great fun, good company and lots of inspiration!

  7. Now that looks like a fun time! Your quilt is beautiful, love the purple batiks and taking the time for a fabric buying trip instead of finishing it......completely understandable :)

  8. Oh what a great time! I agree with your awards!!! Hope your fabric buying trip was fun !!