Monday, November 17, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

I spent most of my weekend asleep. On Saturday, I slept in until about 9:30 am, which is late for me. I usually wake up around 6:30 am to 7 am, even on the weekends. I wrote a short blog post, took the pugs for a walk, then I went back to bed at 11am and slept until 5:30pm. Saturday night, Mike and I went up to his sister's house for a rockin' dance party to celebrate her 50th birthday. My nephew's band played. I love them. Good thing, I had my six hour nap because Mike and I danced until midnight.

On Sunday morning we took the pugs for an extra long walk because it was a beautiful although cold day. After lunch we decided to do our annual fall clean-up of the yard. We estimated it would take an hour to pack up all the outdoor furniture, yard art, and pug flags and put them away in the shed for the winter.  Two hours later, when we finished at 3pm, Mike headed to the grocery store, and I went upstairs to bed again, where I slept until 6:30pm. Mike made a delicious dinner of meat loaf, roasted asparagus, and sweet potatoes. He also made a pot of lentil soup. After dinner, I sat on the couch with the pugs and watched some television. We caught up with Dancing with the Stars. Romeo and I are quite annoyed that Lea Thompson was eliminated and talent-less Tommy Chong gets to stay. Although Romeo is still angry that Kym Johnson isn't dancing this season, she is Romeo's favorite. I also attempted to watch a little football with Mike. The New England Patriots were playing the Baltimore Colts. I'm not a sports fan, and I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 pm.

Not surprisingly, no sewing was done, no fabric was fondled, and no new fabric acquisitions were made, not even on the Internet. Just for the record, I did finish the fourth panel of my blue and purple Scrap Wave on Thursday night, three panels to go.

This morning, I awoke, refreshed and raring to go. I guess an extra ten hours of sleep can certainly help!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Hibernating? We have weekends like that too.

  2. I always say if the body needs the sleep, let the body take it! If the body didn't need the sleep you'd wake up a lot faster! And, with your schedule, there's definitely a reason for you to need the sleep! I love looking at everyone's projects from the Cape! You definitely are a prolific bunch!