Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Go West, Young Quilting Women!

Waaaay back in April we made a road trip for Joannie's birthday. The itinerary was a surprise for her and although she drove, I entered the addresses in the GPS, so she didn't know where we were going. We headed West on the Mass Turnpike (aka Mass Pike for the locals). I've included the name and location of each store so you can replicate our journey.
Sue is clearly having a good time filling the shopping cart.
In light of full disclosure, we all shared the same cart.
The original agenda had five stores. I would read a clue to Joannie before each store to see if she could guess where we were going. Our first stop was the Auburn Discount Fabric Store (formerly known as the $1.99 Store, but they've raised the prices slightly). There's no guarantee what you will find here, but it's always fun to stop and look.

Clue: Our fabric is so cheap, you’ll want to buy a heap!
Location #1: Auburn Discount Fabric Store
773 Southbridge St
Auburn, Massachusetts 01501
We hit the mother load at Auburn Discount Fabric Store and walked out with bulging shopping bags. They had just received a delivery of Northcott Fabrics. None of left empty-handed. I also picked up some Elvis fabric for my friend Toni and some hockey fabric for my friend Pat.

Clue: Our fabric can’t be beat and we’re just right down the street!
Location #2: Appletree Fabrics

850 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Appletree Fabrics is literally on the same road as the Auburn Discount Fabric Store. It is a lovely quilt shop and I would be in trouble if it was closer to my house. They have a huge selection of batiks among all the other gorgeous fabric that they carry. We thought we were super clever and when Joannie went to the ladies room, we hid the quilting book she was looking at so Sue could buy it for her birthday.
Co-conspirators Marion and Sue line up at the cash register.
You can bet that some of these purple batiks went home with me!
Joannie was probably wondering what happened to her quilt book, but Sue gave it to her at lunch.
Clue: This store is super organ-ized! It’s a blessing to buy fabric here.
Location #3: Charlton Sewing Center

12 Stafford Street
Charlton, MA 01507

The Charlton Sewing Center is in an old church, complete with pipe organ! The owner will play it while you are shopping. I was hoping to get her to play Happy Birthday to Joannie, but she wasn't in that day... As always we found more fabric to buy and the lady waiting on us told us about another quilt store that wasn't on our original list... They had some beautiful buttons here (I was good and left them behind), and I hope they are still there next week when I hope to head back! The owner collects vintage sewing machines and sewing themed items and they are all over the store.
The organ is massive and its sound fills the room.
It almost makes shopping a holy experience!
And of course, it wouldn't be a church without some beautiful stained glass...
Here is the gang (from left to right): Sue, Marion, Joannie and me.

Clue: Are you up for store #4? This place offers more…
Location #4: Fabric Stash

45a Sturbridge Road (Route 20)
Charlton, MA
This beautiful log cabin quilt was next to the register.
Here are some of the fabrics on display.
Fabric Stash is within a mile of the Charlton Sewing Center. It is a full fabric store with a large supply of quilting cottons. If you collect vintage machines, last month there were two sweet ladies waiting for new homes.
This fabulous BELAIR from the 1950's is definitely reminiscent
of the cars of that era, especially her two tone green paint job!
This 1940's Kenmore had a plain black WW2 finish.
Clue: Still alive for clue #5? This store is tiny but mighty!
Location #5: The Quilt and Cabbage
538 Main Street (Route 20)
Sturbridge, MA

The Quilt and Cabbage is one of the smallest quilt shops I've ever been in, but the owner manages to pack a lot of good inventory into a very small space. Fair warning that they don't have a public restroom or accept credit cards, so make sure you bring cash or your check book (and pee at the previous quilt shop!). I didn't take any photos here because there is nowhere to back up! As usual, I managed to find some batiks to follow me home.

Bonus Location #6: Meeting House Fabric and Trim
83 Main Street
Wales, MA 01801

This is the bonus shop that was recommended to us by the nice lady at the Charlton Sewing Center. I thought that I was familiar with every quilt shop within a 200 mile radius, but none of us had heard of Meeting House Fabric, which apparently has been open for a few years. It's about 10 miles from The Quilt and Cabbage. It is also located in a former church building.

The store is filled with light.
She had the cutest displays. Check out this darling stove!

Here is the outside of the quilt shop. Isn't it cute?
This is definitely the store for you if you like traditional fabric (think Jo Morton, Civil War prints or Thimbleberries). She also had a large selection of wool applique. The store mascot is the biggest German Shepherd puppy that I've ever seen, but he is quite friendly. If you are not an avid dog lover like me, the owner is happy to put him behind the gate at the cash register.

Hope you enjoyed our road trip! Let me know if you check out my itinerary!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Your road trip looks like so much fun. So have we seen your booty (ahm bounty that you purchased?

  2. What a fun trip! It sounds like the start of a traditional birthday(s) road trips! I love the fabric stores that were in former churchs. I wonder how long it would take someone to figure out, if you said, I'm going to "church" that you really were heading to the fabric store! Lol

  3. What a great idea for a post, and what a fun, albeit dangerous way to spend time together with friends. Quilt stores in churches, love it, especially the stained glass, and ya, it's a step closer to heaven (love what Hollie said). With all the online stores, kudos go out from me always to those brick and mortar (and sanctuary lol) stores. Somehow I don't think they will ever die out; there is something truly good for the soul and very soothing to be surrounded by bolts and bolts of fabric, and to be able to pet fabric at will and at length! I hope you will post about some of your purchases. Six stores in a 200-miles radius...this would be waaaay to dangerous for moi... (and Northcott Silk--have always loved their soft fabric, but at the 1.99 store--!! My heart skips a beat just thinking of that!