Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meet Cousin Giacomo

Here is Giacomo out for a stroll. He is probably walking with my brother Gary. Gary loves to go for walks and spend time with Giacomo.
Cousin Giacomo is my brother Gary's dog and he has never met his pug cousins. Part of the reason is that Giacomo lives in New Jersey and the other part of the reason is that Giacomo is selective in who he chooses as his dog friends. His arch enemies unfortunately are Marley and Java, two cute pugs who live down the hall from Giacomo in his apartment building. I certainly wouldn't want Giacomo to think that Romeo, Elvis, or LarryPug was Marley or Java!

Giacomo is a Schipperke and Gary and his wife Susie adopted him from the Tinton Falls animal shelter.
Here is Giacomo on the quilt I gave to Gary when he visited me last September. As those of you with black cats or black dogs know, it can be hard to take a good photo of them, they usually just look like a shadow.
Gary loves this photo. When Giacomo sleeps he sticks out his little pink tongue. Cute!
Here is my handsome brother Gary with his handsome dog Giacomo.
Gary says that next year he is entering Giacomo in the Pets on Quilts contest.

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  1. I want to clarify that Giacomo and Java and Marley are arch enemies because Java and Marley are bad dogs. Seriously? Who names their dogs after their addictions? Who names their dogs after caffeine and weed?

  2. the last picture is precious. They do kind of look alike...
    we all look like our dogs right? Except my hair is straight

  3. Wow. That was definitely a shot at my big nose.

  4. Oh Giacomo is very handsome. When I was growing up the neighbor across the street had one.