Sunday, September 6, 2015

Quilts from the Pre Blogging Days

Stack-n-Whack quilt made in 1994-1995.
I've been sewing since I was a little girl and I started quilting around 1989. In my early days of quilting I took a photo (with a real camera and film!) of every project I made and put it in a photo album. One day, I will ask Mike to scan the photos so you can see my real golden oldies.

Here are a few at random. I washed my Stack-n-Whack quilt the other day and decided it was time to put it in the blog. Remember when Bethany Reynolds was all the rage? I love her techniques and I have all her books. I took a couple of classes with her and she is a wonderful teacher.

The Pug Boys and I use this quilt every day. It lives on our couch and covers the chaise where the four of us sit when we watch TV.
My friend Sandie Husby, who blogs at the Lone Quilter, quilted this for me.
I saw my Aunt Marcia and Uncle Stanley in July when we went to California for my nephew Ben's Bar Mitzvah. I gave them this quilt in honor of their 55th wedding anniversary. My Aunt and Uncle live in Hawaii on the Big Island and their house is decorated with an Asian theme. This quilt is made from a kit purchased at the Cambridge Quilt Shop during a Boston Shop Hop in 2006. I had originally laid out the top as a long skinny wall hanging for my stairwell, but decided to break it into two wall hangings. My friend Susie from my office has the other one, seen here.

Sometimes it takes a few years for a quilt to marinate before you know who the intended recipient is. I finished this quilt in October 2012. I bought the kit on a Shop Hop in 2006. Sometimes time gets away from you...
My friend Jeff asked me to make a quilt for his wife Dorothy in purple and blue. Of course, I used my Tried 'n True pattern, Yellow Brick Road because it's fast and easy. I didn't have a photo of this quilt, so I asked Jeff to provide one.
I made this quilt for Dorothy in 2007 before Lily (standing on the ladder at right) was even born. It appears to be holding up well.
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  1. Love your pre blogging quilts. They look lovely still after all of these years.

  2. I wish I had pictures of my pre blogging quilts. Yours look terrific.

  3. I don't have a picture of all my quilts. What a nice record of achievement. Especially since you give so many to friends and family. I started trying to at least log in all finished quilts, and got to 200 but forget to update with new ones. LeeAnna

  4. I enjoyed reading about this! Your 'older' quilts are so similar to mine! I've made the 'stack & whack' twice, and quilt #2 I too made up in Japanese fabrics, with green sashing & red corner squares! Ah, and the 'yellow brick road' well, my version was Japanese-y again! I too don't have any pics of any of them.

  5. OMG I have that same Stack 'n Whack quilt! Love love love it. I brought Bethany Reynolds' method to my (then) guild after I'd seen her on HGTV's Simply Quilts. Blast from the past indeed. Mine was basically royal blue pinwheels on a pink background.