Friday, April 24, 2015

Quilt Appreciation Week

Recently I received photos from two friends that I had given quilts to and one friend that I had given a machine embroidered table runner. I'm always glad when people enjoy the hand made gifts that I give them.

Here is a photo from my friend Susie. Susie is one of my co-workers and I've known her for a really long time. I gave her this Asian wall hanging that I made in 2012. She decorated her guest room around it.
Here is a photo from my co-worker Lisa. I made her this purple quilt last year when she lost her house in a fire. Now she has a new house and a new bedroom for her quilt. She says that she doesn't put the quilt on the bed because she doesn't want to share it with her husband and her dog! She is looking for a special rocking chair to hold her quilt. To see a photo of the full quilt and for more information, go here.
Here is a photo from my friend Cindy. Cindy is my dog walker and a dear friend of mine. I made the table runner below many years ago in a machine embroidery workshop with Jenny Haskins. It's really pretty, but it has a beige background (and I hate beige, just in case you've never read my blog before) so I never found a place for it in my house. You can't see the embroidery well in the photo but it has very pretty pink flowers and it is made out of silk dupionni. The cute little dog in the photo is Sushi and he is a 12 year old Japanese Chin.
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  1. How great that your quilts are appreciated! They're all just lovely. Lucky friends! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I think it is wonderful to make and give things away. Glad they are enjoying them

  3. I think beige is my least favorite color, but it is useful at least. Then there is mustard gold...shudder. LeeAnna

  4. Love how your friends have sent pictures of their gifts that you have made them.