Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Sue!

If you see this petite red head, please wish her a happy birthday! She may be going incognito and not wearing her party hat. Sue's birthday is Wednesday, so I'm posting this early to make sure she sees it.
Birthday girl Sue on the left, Joannie on the right.
Here is Joannie modelling the gorgeous knitting bag that she made Sue for her birthday.

We took Sue out to dinner on Saturday night for an early birthday celebration.
We were in Freeport, ME, and we ate at Petrillos. Yum!
The usual cast of characters, Sue, in green, with Joannie next to her.
I'm on the opposite side of the table in pink, with Marion.

I have lots to get caught up on so I promise to write a blog post tonight!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. good friends, good food and gifts.

  2. I love celebrating birthdays!! Looks like you guys ahad a wonderful time!!

  3. The best way to celebrate! Good Friends and Good Food! Happy Birthday Sue!

  4. Happy Birthday Sue! Looks like good times.