Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Misadventures of No! No! Bad Dog! LarryPug!

If you've read my blog before, I'm sure that you remember meeting LarryPug in previous blog posts. LarryPug just turned 6 years old and he joined our family almost three years ago. LarryPug is affectionate, smart, and can jump like an Olympian.

Recently I found him seated at our kitchen table ready to join us for dinner. This is an impressive feat when you consider that LarryPug is 12 inches tall and pugs are not known for their athletic abilities. Lately, LarryPug’s athletic prowess has been getting him into trouble. He snatched a bag of snacks from Mike’s ski bag and devoured a small bag of potato chips and several slices of bread. Of course to eat both of these items, he also ate through the packaging. The other day while I was in the shower he climbed on the kitchen table and ate a bag of cough drops. He also ate through the outer package of the accompanying cold medicine, but luckily he did not penetrate the child proof packaging. I’m not sure if it was pug proof or if he just ran out of time before I caught him. On yet another occasion while I was outside taking out the trash, he pulled a bag of carrots off the kitchen counter and was eagerly devouring them when I came back inside. And at no time, did he offer to share his trophies with his two pug brothers. Fortunately, he has not suffered any ill effects from any of his culinary misadventures. I should add that LarryPug appears to have a cast iron stomach and his favorite snack is mulch.
Don't be fooled, LarryPug is cute, but he likes to be naughty.
This is not the face of innocence...
So, Mike and I have been “pug-proofing” our house which in many ways is like “child-proofing” except that in our case, our “child” can jump about three feet off the floor. Every time we leave the kitchen we make sure that our chairs are pushed all the way under the table so LarryPug can’t use them as a spring board. We close all the doors and closets firmly. I’m also considering purchasing some child proof (pug proof) latches for the lower kitchen cabinet before LarryPug decides to sample the alluring buffet of our kitchen trash.

What’s the strangest thing that your pet has eaten? Have you had to “pet-proof” your house?

Thanks for visiting! I am heading off to the Cape tomorrow with my posse of quilting buddies for three fun-filled days of non-stop sewing. We come home on Wednesday, repack the car, and on Thursday we will point the car towards Freeport, Maine for four more days of non-stop sewing fun. Time permitting, I'll try to post on Wednesday night.

Thanks for all your well wishes and sorry I've been slow to respond to emails. I'm feeling better every day, although the stomach thing is lingering (slightly), so at night I'm often too tired to sit at the computer.

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Oh Larry you devilish little man. My mom's English Bulldog ate a bag of hershey's kisses with almonds (Costco size). Plastic packaging, foil, and flags. You would see the little paper flags out in the yard for days.

  2. You really have to stay on your toes with him around. We once had a basset hound jump up and snatch a freshly baked loaf of bread off the counter and make a run with it.

  3. Oh, our pugs do like to get in trouble! This morning I found an entire box of kleenexes all over the back yard! Shoes and socks are not safe at any time and I have even found underwear in the yard! My Scottie, Maggie, ate a big hunk out of one of my quilts when she was a puppy. Egads!

  4. Haha, he's something else! I'm glad he has a strong stomach! Growing up we had a dog that used to chew up bath sponges.... but he would always get I to the tub and chew the sponge there. I'm sure he ate some of it but at least the pieces he left behind were all in one place.

    Enjoy your quilting time, glad to hear you're feeling better!

  5. Cole has had his share of indiscretions. The most annoying were my dance shoes... the left shoe each of two pair. The most dangerous was tin foil out of recycling. Larry, Cole says, "be careful. Eat one thing too many and you're baby gated into a small area every time they leave the room, ask me how I know"

  6. Carrots!? Well atleast he got his veggies that night. Lol our pug wouldn't eat it unless it was sweet or a chunk of meat.

  7. That is the face of Adorableness!
    Tiberius once ate a full Christmas gift box of Licorice All Sorts, after tearing through the box and wrapper. Didn't know if there was any chocolate in licorice bits and took him to the vet. They didn't know either. He just lay around some and was bright and curly next morning. It's not as if he never got fed, sheesh.

  8. We do love our pugs!! My grandpugs chewed up three library books!!! $60 worth of library books!!!