Wednesday, September 30, 2015

To Boldly Go is Finished!

To Boldly Go, a 50th birthday gift for my Star Trek-lovin' brother Jeff, is finished and now living in California. Jeff's birthday is tomorrow (Thursday, October 1st), so I am pleased that I finished his quilt on time and managed to deliver it early (thank you U.S. Postal Service!). Although, the quilt's label is still in progress...I told Jeff I would mail it to him and he could sew it on the back...
This quilt was quite capably held by my friend Eleanor who is quite tall!
Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Lemonade, a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop
Size: 58x71
Quilted by Terri Bearer
Pantograph: Triangle Tangle

I admit that I've made this pattern at least twice so far (check 2014 Quilts to see it in blue and in purple), but I'm impressed at how great it looks great in conversation prints! Which is good, because I have at least two more Lemonade quilts planned--in horse fabrics and cat prints (although the possibilities now appear endless: animal prints, pug fabric...).

Jeff opened the quilt tonight while Face-Timing with me on the iPhone so I was able to see how much he liked it!

Here are some close-ups of some of the great fabrics in this quilt. I collected Star Trek fabrics for a couple of years in preparation. There are at least 19 different Star Trek fabrics in this quilt. Each of the large squares are repeated in the quilt (a total of twice) plus I repeated the three sashing fabrics in each row. I thought the colors in these prints were rich and vibrant, so I eliminated a couple of black and white Star Trek prints that I will make into pillowcases along with one flannel print.

Need to make one of your own? There are still some great Star Trek fabrics available at eQuilter (no affiliation, just a happy shopper). You can also check on Etsy and Ebay or just do a Google search for Star Trek fabric. I was able to buy some of these prints at Joann Fabrics a few years ago, but they don't seem to carry Star Trek fabric anymore. They've moved on to Star Wars. If your Trekkie is a purist, make sure you know the difference between original Star Trek and Star Trek, the Next Generation. My brother only likes the original Star Trek.
This is the back of the quilt. I actually found the large piece of Star Trek fabric on the clearance rack at Joann Fabrics last May and I snatched it right up. The black and white fabric (a seizure-inducing print in person) was bought for $3.99 a yard at Sewphisticated in Dorchester.
Of course I have a little (ahem, a lot) of Star Trek fabric left over, so my Star Trek lovin' niece Rachel will no doubt get a Star Trek quilt of her own, just so she doesn't steal her Dad's quilt!

Happy Birthday Jeff--May you live long and prosper! And Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Paul (neither of whom reads my blog).

Thanks for visiting. Sorry for my absence in blog land. Linking up on Friday to Crazy Mom Quilts, Richard and Tanya Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

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  1. Wow that turned out great. Happy Birthday brother! My middle daughter's birthday is October 1 too. She is teetering on the brink of 30! I just don't know how that could be when I am still such a young un.

  2. I really like that quilt! Not necessarily the Star Trek fabric (I'm not a Trekkie/Trekky/however you spell it) but I like the pattern. I'll have to keep that in mind for some of the large print fabric I have in my stash. Great job Nancy! Oh, I have a large assortment of cat print fabric if you are in need...! :)

  3. I am glad you are back! So cool that you made him a Star Trek quilt--he will love it forever.

  4. very timely in two ways! Live long Nancy

  5. There is a lot going on in the universe. Love the fabric choise.
    Greetings from Germany!

  6. Well what a lucky brother! Hope he knows how lucky he is! Live long and prosper--both of you!

  7. Lovely to read this post, Nancy! Seems like lots of us have been a bit absent lately...sometimes this QBL takes up too much of one's sewing time, right? Yay for FaceTime--that is when I LOVE technology. Such amazing focus fabrics you gathered! Lots for your brother to gaze at.

  8. Oh how fun!!!I Love it when the perfect quilt for a gift comes together!

  9. I like the orange fabric with the ships on it and I like the ones that are actually comicbook covers. Just saying. If you were making pillowcases.

  10. Being a fan of original Trek, I think your quilt is amazing and would simply be one of THE best presents ever!

  11. Being a fan of original Trek, I think your quilt is amazing and would simply be one of THE best presents ever!