Sunday, October 18, 2015

October Quilt Weekend: Sneak Preview

Sunday: 8:15 am. 32 degrees. Must get dressed, i.e., throw sweatshirt and jacket over pajamas, and walk the pug boys. Then shower and head back to my quilt weekend! I took lots of photos.

Here's a sneak preview...

JoAnn E. gave us the first Show and Tell.
A gorgeous log cabin quilt for her niece. Not in JoAnn's usual color palette of browns. So cool and contemporary. I love it!
Kim G. was quick to follow.
Kim G., at left, aided by Lexine, show off Kim's latest Kaffe creation. I need to make this! So sunny and bright!
The littlest Brown Bagger came by on Saturday afternoon. Hello Emma!
Looks like Nancy D. is making more boxy pouches...
Come back soon and find out...
What is in all these bags?
What is Pat making with this pile of squares?
What is Sally making with all these little pieces?
How is Dr. D'Esopo's quilt coming along?
Why is Joannie quilting someone else's project?
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  1. And the one thing in common is they all love fabric! Inspirational gathering.

  2. Suspense is killing me. Killing me.