Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Random Project Round-up

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

Here are some photos of my Brown Bagger quilting friends and their recent projects.
Here is Emma, our youngest Brown Bagger.
Emma put together this adorable wall-hanging last Sunday with a little help from her Aunt Jo. This pattern, Cupcakes, is a kit from our good friend Kate Mitchell. You can purchase it here.

Kim G. finished off another gi-normous quilt top last Sunday. This pattern is available for free at the Missouri Star Quilt Company website.
Kim G. loves Kaffe!
Nancy D. had a cold and didn't come last Sunday but I stole a photo of her recently finished bags from her FaceBook page. I need to get on Nancy's Christmas gift list!
Each one is prettier than the next!
Here's the tutorial from Shabby Fabrics that Nancy used to make the bags.

Pat's daughter wanted a new dress to wear to a wedding. Pat made her this gorgeous outfit in less than a week.
Isn't Allison lovely in her new outfit? Oh, to be young, thin, and blonde again!
 In other random news, it rained here yesterday morning.
Is there anything cuter than a pug wearing a raincoat?
Maybe another pug wearing a raincoat?
This weekend the Brown Baggers will gather for our annual October weekend. I'll be having a manly quilt weekend. Monday night, I cut out a new quilt for my nephew Sam. And I'm also bringing a quilt in progress for my veterinarian, Dr. D'Esopo.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of bags. Cute quilts and how cool to have a youthful brown bagger. Enjoy your get away.

  2. Great makes. That cup cake quilt is adorable. Your pugs look so cute in their raincoats

  3. absolutely nothing cuter. That littlest quilter at the top comes in second but gives the pugs a run for their money!