Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Weekend of 1,110 Pieces or Quiltport USA 2016, Part 2

As a quilter, people often ask me how long it takes me to make a quilt. My usual answer is, "I don't know." Most often because I work on more than one project at a time. Also, I'm afraid that if I ever figure out how long it takes me to make a quilt, I might stop sewing.

Remember these blocks?
Four blocks made so far...
This is the project that I brought to Quiltport to work on. Once completed, the center of the quilt will consist of 30 of these star blocks. Each block has 37 pieces in it, ergo there are 1,110 pieces in the center of this quilt. That's not including the pieced sashing strips between each star block as well as two additional borders, the first of which requires 44 more star blocks (each with 37 pieces in it) -- just like these shown here, but smaller!
Here I am sewing.
I sewed on Friday. I sewed on Saturday. I sewed on Sunday morning. And when we packed the car at noon on Sunday, this is what I had: a necklace of quilt pieces.
Still a UFO!
I have now made all of the small triangle pieces that go in the corner of each block. I think I have made about half of the pointy triangle units that make up the star points. So it is probably safe to say that this won't be finished any time soon.

Here are my gal pals!
Here is Joannie working on her Gypsy Wife blocks. She and Marion are both making this quilt. Their goal is to make two blocks a month. I think that Marion has seven completed blocks and Joannie has six.
Here is Marion at the cutting table. She finished most of the blocks for this lap quilt at the Quiltport USA weekend and she assembled the top today at our Sunday Brown Bagger's meeting. I'll show you the top in another post this week.
Below, Sue gives an ironing demonstration for the blog.
Giggle and repeat!
See how easy?
Sue was very busy working on a lap quilt but she wouldn't let me take any in-progress photos. She finished all of the blocks, and when we met today, she was sewing her rows together. She has six out of seven rows assembled, so one more row to go.

Nancy Q. and Ginny both made a mystery quilt during the weekend. Somehow I forgot to get photos. Perhaps they will send me some if they read this and I'll post them later.
Here is Nancy Q. all packed up and heading for the car.
It wouldn't be a quilt weekend without a ceremonial firing of the cannon! Here is Sue valiantly loading the cannon balls while Marion fires away! Watch out Freeporters!
This lovely photo of Marion and me was taken by my new assistant blog photographer, Sue.
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P.S. Did you like my fabric portfolio? Intrepid blog reader, Kate in Connecticut found a pattern for it, here. Thanks Kate!

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  1. You are a brave woman to count all the parts to the block. When I do that I just want to stop. You ladies always look like you have so much fun together.