Friday, May 27, 2016

The Berkshires: The Marion Edition

My friend Margaret once wrote a haiku (a form of Japanese poetry) for every person in our Brown Baggers' Quilt Group. Mine was:
Roses are red,
Violets are fair,
If you see Nancy Cohen,
You'll find Marion Bear.

Technically, I'm not sure if Margaret's haiku fully meets haiku criteria, but it still gives me a chuckle. Plus, it totally describes our friendship. Marion and I are almost always together. In fact, on the rare occasion that I enter a quilt shop without her, the shop owner will inquire about Marion's whereabouts.

So naturally, Marion accompanied me on our Berkshire's Trip. She also got a lot of things done. First, she put borders on two quilt tops. Check out her giant hexagon quilt! This pattern is from the book Jelly Roll Jambalaya Quilts.
If Marion's daughter gets lucky, this quilt will be finished for her summer house.
Here's a close-up of the colorful fabrics.
 Marion also found the perfect border fabric for her sampler quilt.
Marion started this project from a long ago block a month program. She was very happy to finish it up.
She assembled her magnificent Kaffe Scrappy Rectangles quilt which she has been working on for the last three years. She said she tried to make 10 blocks at every quilt weekend. This pattern can be found in the book More Favorite Traditional Quilts Made Easy.
LOVE IT! Marion, please give this one to meeeeeee......
Here's a close up.
She even assembled a table runner out of left over fabric from another table runner kit. Marion based her table runner on Pincushion Boutique's Crackerjack pattern but opted not to cut off the corners of her rectangle.
Another lovely table runner by Marion.
Sewing with Marion in the Berkshires.
Making quilts and buying fabric together for more than 20 years!
Marion, as always, thanks for being such a great friend, quilting companion, and fabric enabler!

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  1. You two are the dynamic duo! I love seeing what you two are up to.