Thursday, August 4, 2016

My Play Date with Lily

My favorite 7-year old gal pal Lily spent the day with me on Sunday. She had expressed an interest in learning to sew, so we started the day in the Studio.
Here is Lily's first time at the sewing machine. My friend Marion is a retired Home Economics teacher so I asked her for some tips on teaching children to sew. She recommended that I draw some lines on paper and let Lily get used to the machine. So we started with sewing on paper, then moved on to some muslin.
Of course, we decided to make pillowcases. We chose some pretty purple and pink flowered fabric for Lily's Mom, Dorothy.
Lily discovered that she had a penchant for pinning.
So she pinned some more!
We worked as a team. I guided the machine and Lily ran the foot pedal. She would also stop the machine and yell "Pin Removal" and pull out the pins so I wouldn't sew over them. She made an excellent sewing partner. I must borrow Lily for my next quilt weekend.
Of course, we also made another owl pillowcase for Lily's collection.
Lily developed her own unique method for turning the pillowcase right side out. Honestly, I didn't even have to stage this for the blog, Lily is such a ham (she takes after her Dad).
Here we are with Lily's finished pillowcases. Of course, I had one for Lily's Dad too. I didn't want anyone to go home empty-handed.
I even made Lily disappear!
Lily loves animals and she gave the pugs lots of cuddles. Here she is with LarryPug. They are exactly the same age with birthdays in the same month.
Lily helped us take the Pug Pack for a walk.
After sewing and taking the pugs for a walk, we played  miniature golf. The course is indoors under black lights.
And of course, we ended our perfect day with ice cream before dinner!
We can't wait until Lily comes back to visit us again! I asked Lily what her favorite part of the day was, and she said, "Everything!" I love this girl!

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Pugs and kisses,


  1. What day could be better than a day where you get dessert first???? I can see how much fun you both had. The pillowcases are a great idea for a learner project....making such sweet memories too!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day! Give the pugs hugs for me. :0)

  3. Cute pillowcases and what a sweet helper.

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Nancy. That's some good future quilter recruiting right there. :)

  5. Teaching a young one the craft we love-priceless!

  6. OH what fun that little sweetie was having and such a nice project !

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time with Lily! I just started teaching my 9 year old granddaughter to sew and it was a lot of fun. That miniature gold course looks neat!

  8. That sounds like a wonderful day. I love seeing kids with an interested in sewing. :)

  9. Nancy this is seriously the most adorable post!!!

    1. Thanks for rejuvenating at Tuesday Archives's a perfect post for "kids sewing". :)V

  10. I have a Lily in my life, too. She is 7. Next time she's down, I'll have her on the machine. Thanks for this lovely post.

  11. It's even better now the machines have a speed controller. That helps a lot