Friday, August 26, 2016

Time to Vote for Pets on Quilts

Voting has opened for Pets on Quilts.

Here's how to vote. Visit this link. Leave a comment on the bottom with your choice of photo. You can vote for four categories: Dogs on Quilt, Cats on Quilt, Pet Themed Quilt. The Pug Boys are #52.
  1. You will need to decide which post you think is the very best for each of the four categories; dog on quilt, cat on quilt, other animal on quilt, and pet-themed (animal themed) quilted project.
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your four choices, like this:
              dog - number 52 (Pugs on Quilt)     For example only...
              cat - number ###
              other animal - ###
              pet-themed project - ###

Here are some of the out-takes from our photo shoot on Wednesday night.
Start with LarryPug.
Add Elvis.
Add Romeo. Mike is trying to hold onto him and somehow keep his arm out of my photo.
Romeo jumps off the bench. Let me remind you that he is 15 and blind and deaf. He jumps off the bench every year. He did not get hurt.
Elvis considers jumping off the bench but decides it is too high. Smart pug!
In desperation, I add Mike to the photo to secure Romeo, who desperately wants to jump off the bench for the third time. Elvis tells Mike that Daddies aren't allowed in the Pets on Quilts contest. LarryPug grows bored...
Elvis and LarryPug finally strike a pose!
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Pugs and kisses,