Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brown Bagger Babies

I have been remiss in sharing the latest crop of Brown Bagger grandbabies. Today, we'll show off the 2016 models.

This is Rex. He is Kim G.'s grandson. He is a very happy little guy!
This is a recent photo.
In this photo, Rex is a little younger, but I thought everyone would enjoy seeing some of Kim's beautiful quilts.
This is Madison. She is Terri's granddaughter. Terri is bringing her to our Brown Bagger meeting today, so hopefully I can get a picture where she is awake.
Sleeping beauty!
The 2017 models are just in! On July 27th, Eden Lee was born. She is Debbie's first grandaughter. And on Thursday, August 10th, Ryan Michael was born. He is Sue's third grandbaby, and second grandson. Congratulations Grandma Debbie and Grandma Sue! Hopefully I'll get some pictures soon.

No word on any pending 2018 models yet, but Joan S.'s son got married in May, so who knows...

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  1. Oh these baby pics are just A D O R A B L E!!!!! And yes I enjoyed seeing all Kim's beautiful quilts. Hope Brown Bagger was fun!

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