Saturday, November 11, 2017

A visit to the Proper Bostonians Quilt Show, Part 1

A few weeks ago, Marion and I went to a local quilt show from the Proper Bostonians Quilt Guild. We enjoy this show a lot. It's small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed, so you can really enjoy the quilts. There are a few vendors in case you feel the need to enhance your stash.  There is a good variety of quilts shown from the "I can make that" to the "You'd need to lock me in a room for 10 years" to "Bucket List" to "Dream the Impossible Dream."

One of the first people we ran into when we arrived was my friend and neighbor Marcia. Marcia lives right down the street from me, even closer than Joannie, and I almost never see her. Which is too bad. Because she's a great quilter and a really nice person!
Marcia is a graphic designer and this year she created the guild's mystery quilt. Isn't it great? I'm also coveting Marcia's animal print blouse.
Marcia's beautiful quilt! I love the blocks she designed to create the diagonal setting.
 Here are some of my favorite quilts from the show.
My Scrappy Favorites by Mary Willis, West Roxbury, MA
 Two stunning quilts from our fellow Brown Bagger quilter, Lynn Godin.
Steampunk by Lynne Godin, Chestnut Hill, MA. Also a founding member of the Brown Bagger Quilters and an extraordinary quilter.
A close-up. This is a Jen Kingwell design.
Fandango by Lynne Godin, Chestnut Hill, MA. This pattern is from Karen Griska Designs although Lynne self-drafted the block for paper-piecing.
Self-Mitered Log Cabin by Mary Gaffney, Jamaica Plain, MA
A very special thank you to all of you who responded to my last post requesting ideas on how to mark white fabric for quilting. Painter's tape was the obvious solution for me! Other good suggestions were to use a Hera marker (I own one somewhere...), a pounce with chalk, make stencils from freezer paper  and to mark the first line and then follow the edge of the foot. And of course, sweet Joannie called and offered to quilt it for me.
Taking in the quilt show with Marion.
Thanks for visiting!
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