Sunday, November 5, 2017

November Cape Retreat Part 1

I've just returned from our 19th annual Cape Cod quilt retreat. While our event was taking place, the hotel we stay at was being sold right out from under us, so we're not sure if we'll be able to celebrate our 20th annual retreat in February. Our group has been together for a really long time!

While 11 of us made it to the retreat, the talented Pratt sisters visited the Houston Quilt Festival because Kim's award-winning Omigosh Quilt was on display there!
Here is the amazingly talented Kim Pratt with her award-winning quilt, Omigosh! Did you see Kim's quilt at Houston this year?

Never been to a quilt retreat? Wonder what you need to bring?
Here's Marion with our luggage cart. The smallest items on the cart are our clothes...the rest is two sewing machines and lots and lots of projects!!

On to some of the beautiful works in progress (WIPs)

Sue worked on two Yellow Brick Road Quilts, a favorite pattern among the Brown Bagger quilters.
Christmas prints
A cool turquoise and peach combination
Pat, who is one of our fastest sewers, finished the top of her Gypsy Wife quilt, which is a Jen Kingwell pattern, and made a couple of baby quilts.
Pat bought this as a quilt as a kit a few years ago.
This pattern is called Backyard Fun. Pat made it from her stash. It has cute little elephants in it.
Pat's Gypsy Wife quilt.
Here is Marion's Gypsy Wife quilt, which I photographed in her home a few weeks ago, as well as her projects from the Cape retreat.
Marion's Gypsy Wife quilt.
This is Marion's birthday block quilt. The blocks are from a swap of several years ago. You can set the blocks in different ways.
This quilt was from a kit that Marion had marinating in a box for about 10 years.
Marion had one more piece of sashing to add when we left the Cape this morning. This is also a very old kit that she is working on completing. Next, I predict that Marion will be busy assembling quilt backings for all the tops that she is finishing!
Joannie C. made a window seat cushion as a gift for her sister. It matches the quilt that she made for her a couple of years ago.
Lots more photos to come! Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Oh no you all are going to have to find a new venue! So many great quilts get done.

  2. Lots of great work in the quilts shown!

  3. Lovely pieces you've all got going there--what a great place for a retreat...hugs, Julierose

  4. I'm always so very grateful for those hotel cards when I'm on retreat!!! So many beautiful quilts! I like the simplicity of the yellow brick road pattern.