Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Quilt for Baby Adeline

Last Wednesday at my quilt retreat in the Berkshires, I started a quilt for Baby Adeline. Adeline was born on Mother's Day, a perfect gift for my friends Jason and Jocelyn. I chose the fabric after Jason told me that Jocelyn's favorite colors were sea foam green and gray. The polka dot print is from Art Gallery fabrics and it feels like silk. The fabric selvage reads that you can "feel the difference," and you can!
I wasn't thrilled to work with green and gray for a baby girl until I found the adorable koala bear fabric that had both colors in it. It was so great to work on this project at a retreat where I had all day (and night) to sew with no interruptions!
By the end of the day, I had finished the quilt top.
Love these koalas! So cute!
I made a stuffed cat for Adeline's big brother Braydon. I also made one of these in April for baby cousin Nate. Nate enjoyed taking the kitties in and out of the pocket.
The cat is a pre-printed panel. The panel comes with two sets of cats, one pink and one blue. The little kitties are removable from the Mama Cat's pocket. This panel also comes in a dog version.
I finished the quilt by lunch time on Thursday.
It coordinated nicely with the chair at the hotel.
Here's another photo with Mama Cat and kittens.
Here is 6-day old Baby Adeline on her new quilt. Marion and I stopped on our way home on Saturday and I delivered my gifts in person.
Here is big brother Braydon with his Mama Cat and the monkey submarine that I brought for him.
I'm not sewing as much as I would like to this Spring, but once in a while I do finish something!

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  1. Great finish, cute quilt and what a sweetie, both bro and sister.

  2. Pretty little koalas on the baby quilt. And it is nice of you to make something for big brother so he doesn't feel left out.

  3. The koalas are perfect. What a cute little quilt, along with the cat. Looks like the recipients are pretty happy, too! How goes the kitchen?

  4. Fabulous! The cat reminds me of a cat that is very popular on the web right now - Pusheen! How sweet of you to make something for the baby and the big brother!