Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday: Pugs of the Berkshires!

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

Last week at the Berkshires, I experienced a perfect trifecta of happiness. Cindy gave me the surprise of a lifetime when she showed up with an original pug quilt that she had designed just for me! While she didn't give me the actual quilt, shown below, she did make me a copy of the pattern and she gifted me all the remaining fabric from her project, so I can get started on my own. Of course, I think a hot pink background will be fabulous.
I LOVE this pug quilt. He looks just like Romeo! Definitely my next project!!
Karen bought me Cadbury Eggs in the clearance aisle at Rite Aid.
And I scored big again at Marshalls!
Behold! A scrumptious fleece blanket that matches the pug sheets that I found last week at TJ Maxx. At $14.99 I couldn't leave it behind. I almost bought the second one that they had.
Here are the nail files that I bought the previous week. They also came with two Boston Terrier nail files that I gave to Joannie.
I bought a new pug flag for our garden on Amazon. Elvis is pleased because it looks just like him.
Elvis enjoyed a visit with Lucy. For those of you who can't tell the black pugs apart, Lucy is in front, Elvis is in the back. She is an exuberant 2-year old!
I found Elvis asleep one day with his head in his dish. Dreaming of his next meal, I guess.
Snoozing away.
Nancy D. sent me a photo of another finished quilt top from our quilting retreat. This is Hidden Stars from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I'm sure she's going to add another border or two...
Thanks for visiting!
Pugs and kisses,


  1. Wow the pug quilt will be awesome. I agree hot pink will be called for. Awe poor Elvis.

  2. How about a black pug on a hot pink background? Love the new garden flag and the nap attack pictures!

  3. Such a wonderful friend to design a pug quilt just for you to make and of course you will.