Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pugtastic Tuesday Kitchen Renovations Mashup

Today is Pugtastic Tuesday and we're celebrating the Kitchen Renovations Mashup Edition with some Pugs in the Kitchen! When I last gave you a kitchen update, it was almost a month ago. In the interim, we also had some Internet connection issues, which we have gotten resolved.

Our contractor has made a ton of progress, and the finish line is imminent! The kitchen is just gorgeous and it feels like we have a brand new house.

Our appliances have been installed. Check out our new kitchen farmhouse sink, which is quite large. How large is it?
One pug...
Two pugs...
Three pugs full! There may even be room for a fourth pug (just kidding, Mike)...
 Mike got a swell new stove...
LarryPug loves to pose and the stove is NOT connected in this photo.
...and a beautiful new refrigerator.
Pretty and shiny!
This new fridge looks like it can hold a lot of dog treats!

Our counters are here!!!!
I LOVE our counter tops. They are granite but they look like soapstone.
More counter top porn... they will never be this clutter-free again...
 The walls have been painted and bead board has been installed.
Such a pretty, pretty shade of blue!
 For a special treat, I even ordered some pug knobs!!! I found them on Wayfair. They are super cute!

No, I did not install them on every cabinet. There are just three pug knobs, just like the Pug Boys, although this was mere coincidence.
Last week Mike and I celebrated the Fourth of July by unpacking seven boxes of kitchen stuff. I think there are at least 20 more boxes in the basement, but we haven't counted them...
After unpacking, we enjoyed dinner at The Yard House. You will notice that I am wearing my patriotic pug flag t-shirt.
The Pug Boys say that Kitchen Tours will commence soon! And Mike wants to throw a blow-out party when it's finished!
All that remains is to install the tile back splash and the range hood. Then the floor will receive another two coats of polyurethane. And then we can unload our POD, our basement and all the stuff being stored in our upstairs rooms and put all our furniture, accessories and knick knacks back in some semblance of order on the first floor.

Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. I love everything about your new kichen, down to the puggy knobs.

    1. Thanks Kinga! The next time you are in Boston, you must visit us and Mike will cook you dinner while you play with the Pug Boys!

  2. Oh it looks fabulous. A 3 pug and Bobbin sink. Bobbin and I will have to come and see the new kitchen. :D Looks great and love your countertops

  3. The kitchen looks amazing! I really wanted a farmhouse sink, but I lost that battle--I did win the built in double oven though. We have that same refrigerator and love it. Congratulations that it is almost done!

  4. Oh lordy the little pug looking into the frig absolutely made my day!! Cracked me up!!! It's so exciting to see so much progress. Love your colors and PUG HANDLES!!!!! YES!!!!!

  5. what a great transformation. What vision you had in planning. I don't know much about farmhouse sinks. the countertops look so sophisticated. The blue is restful and goes great with floors and counters. Where will you put the knick knacks? I'm having trouble with just that problem as well as how to organize out items with most shelves too tall to reach. Congrats on surviving the remodel!

  6. Slowly but surely, you are getting there!

  7. Well, sure, you need a 3-pug sink, because a 2-pug sink is too small and a 4-pug sink is too big. I totally get it! The kitchen is looking great. What a relief to be almost finished.