Thursday, December 13, 2012

Quilters don't do buttons...

I'm not a big fan of hand sewing. In fact, among my quilting friends I'm known for machine sewing my quilt bindings on both sides. One, because it's faster; two because it's sturdier; and three because I really don't like hand sewing. I don't like to hem pants either and usually wear my jeans with the bottoms cuffed up a couple of times because when you're 5'2", everything is too long.

This lonely little button fell off my leather jacket  almost two years ago and has taken up full time residence in my jewelry box so I don't lose it. Typically, I wear a dressy scarf with my jacket that hides the fact that the button has fallen off and I'm too lazy to sew it back on.

Recently, the second button fell off my black winter coat, luckily on my kitchen floor, so I was able to find it. I've been wearing the coat which had been missing one button for a while, but now that the second button has fallen off, I may have to break down and sew them both back on. Otherwise it may be a chilly winter. The first button is long gone, but the coat does have a spare button sewn to the inside.

Ironically before I discovered quilting, I was addicted to counted cross stitch, which is handwork to the extreme. Detailed and intricate, a small piece takes FOREVER to complete and no-one truly appreciates how much work you put into it. My new (now 20 plus years) quilting hobby, increasing age, poor eyesight, and three pugs that took over my lap, put an end to my flourishing cross stitch career.

Enough about buttons. Here are a couple of photos that haven't made it to the blog yet.

I made this pillowcase for my husband, Mike, for Chanukah. Michael plays classical guitar, so I am always on the lookout for guitar fabric. I bought this fabric two years ago when I visited Mood in New York City. It is a Michael Miller fabric. I love the colors. This was one of the mystery projects I showed you in this blog post:

This is my friend Carol. She likes to buy fabric but really doesn't like to sew that much. She came over a couple of weekends ago and I helped her make this lighthouse pillowcase that she is going to give her Dad for Christmas. Carol and I have gone on many fabulous quilting trips together, including the Houston Quilt Festival!
Here are Larry and Elvis on the "Couch of Quilts" (named by my nephew Josh). They are dressed in their warm coats for a walk outside.
Time to go to bed. A new Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt step awaits tomorrow!

Pugs and kisses,

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