Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Sunday Sewing Report

I met up with my Brown Bagger Quilting friends this past Sunday for our monthly sewing get together.

I had some small finishes, pillowcases of course.
This is a birthday gift for my nephew Ben. He turns 11 today.

Ben is a funny little kid and he is pretty much a
"Mini Me" of my brother Jeff, who is his Dad.
I made a set of 2 king size pillowcases for my friend Eleanor. Her birthday was Sunday.
If you look closely you can see that Eleanor's pillowcases are made from the Holy Grail of fabric, the Red Sox, which has been out of print for many years, but hiding safely in my stash for a special occasion. Eleanor is a devoted Red Sox fan, so she will treasure these.

My friend Kim P. was sewing on some very intricately pieced miniature quilt blocks that have 1/2" pieces in them. I need to get some photos of them! Kim recently bought a small quilting machine and has been busy doing machine quilting for some of the other Brown Baggers.
This is Pat's quilt, quilted by Kim P.

This is one of two Scrap Wave lap quilts made by Joan S.
Also quilted by Kim P.

Joan used two different jelly rolls of batik strips to make these two quilts.
Kim's Dad also found a new use for flip flops that he purchased at the Dollar Store.

Kim layered her circular play mat.
He cut them up with his saw and made pin ends (like a safety cap), so that Kim can use them when she pin bastes her quilt with straight pins. You may recall that our friend Sally uses disposable ear plugs.

Marion and Joannie finished three more tote bags to donate for Sadie's Dreams for a Cure.
Marion, on left, and Joannie, on right, model the new tote bags.
My friend Toni, who I sew with on Thursday nights, also finished a tote bag.
JoAnn was working on some lovely strip pieced batik blocks.

Joannie's sister Mary also joined us for the day.
Sally joined us before heading up to Vermont for the rest of the summer.
Not pictured, but also happily sewing for the day were Lexine, Debbie, Jo Ann E., and Lori. I sometimes have to choose between taking everyone's photo and getting some sewing done!

Lexine--thanks again for the adorable pug pin!

Have a great day!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Dad got a kick out of seeing his flip flops.

    1. Tell your Dad that I still remember his beautiful day lily garden!