Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Date Night Deja Vu

Last night I took my friend Eleanor out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday. We made a dinner out of assorted appetizers (among them, avocado egg rolls--super yummy!) and I brought home a piece of cheesecake (which I did NOT eat for breakfast this morning. I ate it after lunch.) After dinner Eleanor and I headed over to the Walking Company so I could check out a pair of red sandals that I had seen online. I've added some red to my summer wardrobe and I needed some snazzy red sandals to match.

I bought these!
Red Snake! Very Fancy Nancy! When I brought them home and showed them to Mike, he thought they were hot!

Wednesday night is date night. Both of us were tired. Neither of us was very hungry and we didn't have anything special that we wanted to do. I was sitting on the couch watching television with Elvis and LarryPug. Then Mike asked if I wanted to go to the Walking Company with him so he could try on some new shoes.

Twist my arm!

Tonight I bought these sneakers. You wouldn't expect me to watch Mike try on shoes and not try some on myself.
I needed them because Mike and I are doing the Pug Rescue of New England 5k Walk on Saturday. You may recall that we did it last year too. Hopefully it will be cooler this year and we can bring the pugs with us.

And I may have ordered these too... but you'll just have to keep reading my blog this summer and looking for photos of my feet!
And guess what? We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory again... I'm not complaining... shoe shopping and the Cheesecake Factory? What more can a girl ask for? Well, maybe for another piece of that fabulous chocolate raspberry cheesecake...

Pugs and kisses,


  1. The avacado rolls are my favorite appetizer at The Cheesecake Factory. Now I want to go. The sandals are the bomb. Nice sneaks too.

  2. Cute shoes. I had to go and buy cheap flip flops because I always garden barefoot, and no matter what my feet are always dirty looking and i have dirt under my toenails. DH looked at me the other day and said you are a hot mess. I guess I need to do a pedi when I have a chance.

  3. nice shoes and sounds like fun at the Cheesecake factory. I have heard so much about it but have never been myself. love those sneakers!

  4. You had me at avocado rolls...

    Love the sandals and have a great time at the 5k!