Friday, June 6, 2014

Zipper Bag Trio

I finally have a finished project to share with you! I'm not sure why my output has been so low this year. I've only finished two quilts so far, and both of them were extremely easy.

I bought this zippered pouch pattern as a kit from Connecting Threads. The pouches were simple and quick to make. I started this project on Monday night with Joannie. Before I got started, I replaced the bottom color strip (they provided beige--I hate beige) and changed out the provided lining fabric from a very dull cream color to a vibrant orange. It took me over an hour just to cut out the pieces of fabric, but I do tend to work slower at night so I don't make mistakes (I'm a morning person). On Monday night, I got as far as inserting the zippers, but when I was sewing the first one I ran out of bobbin thread, so it was time to call it a night.
The bags are bright and cheerful. The smallest is about 4"x7".
Tonight, I squeezed in about two more hours of sewing time and finished them off. It took a little longer than usual because I was running out of orange thread, so I kept changing the thread from grey when I was doing interior construction and it wouldn't be seen, to orange for topstitching and zipper insertion.

Here's a couple of things I will do differently the next time I make them. First, I will add zipper tabs to the top. I love zipper tabs. I think they make it easier than cramming the zipper tape into the seam and sewing over it, which always leaves a little bump. Second, I will omit the interior pockets. Not sure why you would need pockets in such a small bag. Third, I will reduce the wrist strap to a loop and add a "D" ring so that you can clip it to things.

Here is a free pattern from Moda Bake Shop that is very similar. I've made it before and it is also quick and easy. The pattern above from Connecting Threads uses interfacing to stabilize the fabric, whereas the Moda pattern uses quilt batting and you have to prequilt your fabric before assembly.

I definitely want to make some more of these. I've already promised my husband Mike a set for his guitar accessories. I'm keeping this set. I'm so happy to have something finished!

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  1. I saw this kit in Connecting Threads and did not care for the boring beige either. Good job changing to orange. I am visiting from Confessions of a Fabric Addict!

  2. Always wise to call it a night when the bobbin thread runs out! Your pouches are very pretty. I like the fabric you subbed in for the beige.

  3. Sorry I just viewed your profile and had to ask...How does one get the occupation of "Goddess"? Lottery winning, married well, etc. Please inform as it sounds much better than teaching!

  4. love those pouches. and I am not an "orange" person. as a matter of fact a girlfriend used to tease me about the color orange. LOL but these are gorgeous!

  5. I love these! Zippy pouches seem to be what I've made most this year. I think it's fun to make the pattern once and then make tweaks on the next ones. My younger daughter would go nuts for the ones you made - she LOVES orange! Her birthday is on Tuesday, I might know what I need to make her by then :-).

  6. orange is so cheerful! What will you put in these? I like the proposed changes you'll make next time but I'm not sure how to do the zipper thing.
    I just love a little bag, don't you?

  7. Those are beautiful. Love the fabrics.

  8. Love your bags. My pattern on MBS is done with fusible fleece and quilting it is optional. Fusible fleece is a thicker type of fusible interfacing.