Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Quilt of the Month

This is one of my favorite quilts. Although my tastes have changed and I'm not much of a pastel person anymore, I love the fabrics in this quilt. They are happy and they make me smile. My notes on this quilt are sketchy. I remember that I was fabric shopping with Marion at the long defunct Quilted or Not. They had just received a tower of these fabrics. I had to buy it. I'm glad that I did. I never saw these fabrics anywhere else again. I believe the fabric line was called Chanteclaire, but don't hold me to it.

LarryPug and Elvis show off the July quilt of the month.
Here is what the quilt looks like without pugs on it.
A close-up of some of the fabrics.
This is how I did my border. I added a solid strip, then framed it with extra squares from the quilt. I also used the border fabric for the binding. I machine sew all my bindings. You may be able to see it in this photo.
My notes on this quilt say: Started May 6, 2001. Top completed January 20, 2002. Quilted by Monty Haubold in August 2002. Completed January 13, 2007. I'm not sure what accounts for the long gaps but I do like to work on multiple projects at once. This pattern is called Scrappy Bargello. I also refer to it as Scrap Wave or the 40 Fat Quarter quilt, although I typically use four more fabrics, so it is a 44 Fat Quarter Quilt. It is available for free on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website, along with a zillion other free patterns. I'm currently making one in tropical colored batik. I love making these.
Romeo declined to participate in the quilt of the month photo shoot. Here he is at the park this morning. Pretty good looking for 12 and a half! He's a happy boy now that we got rid of his nasty ear infection!
This is what LarryPug would look like if he went to jail. This morning he was mugging from inside the batting cage at the park.

LarryPug! He loves to be in the blog.
Have a great day! This is Day 2 of my Staycation. Linking up with Freemotion by the River. Linking up on Friday to Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Richard and Tanya Quilts and Crazy Mom Quilts. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. The fabrics in the collection are so pretty. I would have been extremely tempted to buy them also. I love your bargello and I'm not usually a bargello fan. It turned out so nice. Your pugs sure are the little hams!

  2. That is a lovely quilt. I think the term for it would be low volume. Larry planning on going to pug jail soon? DH swears up and down that the chickens are planning a coup and learning to use the power tools behind his back.

  3. LarryPug and Elvis seem to be getting practice for the August extravaganza Pets on Quilts - they look great!

  4. Beautiful quilt, Nancy! I love those colors - so soft and simple! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Beautiful quilt; the pastel colours make it so restful.

  6. I love the pastel colors! I tend to use a lot more brights, but eventually I need to make a pastel one. And LarryPug just adds to the cuteness!

  7. Oh this one is so soft and pretty. Larry Pug is such a personality!! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives...I love seeing older posts!! :)