Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes, we have no bananas

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In case you missed the national news, Boston is digging out from its first blizzard of 2015. Fortunately we were well informed about the upcoming storm, so most people had time to make preparations. We had a little snow on Saturday, just to give us a preview.
Saturday: Nice, normal snow fall. Isn't it pretty?
I did some sewing for half the day and then I watched some television with the Pug boys. They are always happy to sit on the couch with me. Pugs are bred to be lap dogs and mine take their job quite seriously.
I pulled out my Valentine's Day fabric collection and admired them.
I don't think I will get to work on my Valentine's Day quilt until 2016.
I have some gift commitments that I must focus on.
The weather forecasts grew more dire over the weekend. Mike went out early on Sunday and attempted to go to the grocery store. He couldn't get into the parking lot. I waited until 4pm, then I went out to try again. As I went in the grocery store, I passed a woman who was leaving. I asked her if it was crazy inside. She said that it was OK, but the store was out of bananas. That was fine with me. I was going for donuts! Everyone knows you need chocolate during a blizzard!

Mike left on Sunday afternoon for a ski trip with his friend Phil. The snow started late on Monday evening and went through Tuesday evening. We didn't lose power and I was able to work from home, so no snow day for me.
The purple garden bench, also pictured above, by mid-day on Tuesday.
Where's the bench? Wednesday morning.
My friend Kat, who blogs at Made with Love and Ladybug Hugs, sent me a picture of her new pool at her new house.
Yes, I think I would have rather been at Kat's house.
Kat, I'm ready for my Florida quilt weekend!
Want to see more snow?
The view from my front door this morning. I can only get the door open about 18 inches.
My back yard. The fence you can see is six feet high.
I missed my sweet husband, but the pug boys were good company last night.
LarryPug, at the top, and Elvis snuggled on my lap. Romeo, is curled
against my hip, so he is not in the photo.
The Pug Boys take a very quick biology break!
Only this five foot wall of snow is keeping me from my freshly plowed driveway!
Luckily Mike returns from his ski trip today to shovel!

Snow selfie!
Fortunately, the Brown Baggers and I are going to the Cape tomorrow for a quilt weekend! Hooray! Although, yes, I would rather be at Kat's house!

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  1. biology break!! lol
    the wall o'snow is weirdly cool.

    You could build an igloo studio

  2. OMG!!!!! (I love the pugs sweaters though!!) Thanks for sharing...I'm such a weather buff!!

  3. Wow. Ozzie thinks he likes snow and cold...easy to say from his north Alabama winter!

  4. Wait hubby could have stayed home to shovel for you and skied down the snow pile! So the furry boys are not fans of the snow.

  5. Holy snow!!! I love seeing the pictures but there's a reason I don't live in the northeast anymore, and that's it!! We are not fully moved in to the new house yet but the craft room will be ready this week and the pool is ready as soon as you get back down here :-).