Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Belated National Sewing Machine Day!

Saturday was National Sewing Machine Day and I joyously spent the whole day sewing with Marion. We decided to do a "class" day, so we chose a new project and we each made one. More later on our project, I'm deliberately being vague...

Anyways, while we were taking a quick break and having lunch at Panera Bread, we got a call from Joannie who was on her way home from taking two quilting classes at two different quilt stores. She had picked up some quilts from our friend Terri, a professional long arm quilter. The quilts belong to Marion, Pat, and Karen, so we headed over to pick them up. Next, I'll pass Pat's quilt to her and she will take Karen's quilt and give it to Karen. Sort of like a modern day Quilting Pony Express.

Here is Pat's quilt. Pat has been working a lot with grey lately. This quilt is a "keeper," it's for her own bed. She recently re-painted her bedroom to match. These are our Brown Bagger birthday blocks from last year. There are definitely more than 50 Shades of Grey here! It is gorgeous, Pat.

I apologize for the not-so-great photos. All three are super gi-normous quilts. Joannie and Marion (neither of whom are very tall) are standing on a very tiny landing in order to get some height, I am shooting into the direct sunlight, and I am backed up against Joannie's garden fence as far as I can go.

I love the sunny yellow border.
Standing a little further back to try and get the whole quilt.
Interestingly, the next two quilts, which were made by Marion and Karen, are the same quilt, but in different settings. This quilt was a block of the month at Ann's Fabrics. Marion actually made two of these quilts in different color-ways.

Here is Marion's quilt. It is set in a traditional sampler setting. I really like the addition of the tulip blocks in the braided border.
Came out great, Marion!
Next, here is Karen's quilt, which is the same set of blocks as Marion's quilt. Karen added alternating blocks. I like the star in the center of the quilt.
Beautiful job, Karen!
I am always fascinated by how different two quilts can look when you change the setting or the colors.

What is a reasonable exchange rate for Pat and Karen to ransom their quilts from me? Lots of chocolate? Oodles of Fat Quarters?

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  1. How cool you had a chance to sew with a friend, and check out everyone's quilts. I say a combination of chocolate, and fat quarters.

  2. You wrote exactly what I whispered to myself (at least I didn't answer myself lol!) I am always so amazed at the same blocks in different settings. Beautiful quilts. Yep, it would be hard to give them to the owners!! Chocolate would be good. I'd not say no to fat quarters either...