Thursday, July 2, 2015

Asked and Answered!

Thank you dear friends and blog readers for all of your recent help! Your kind comments have also been  extremely motivating to me.

Here are a couple of updates for you.
Thanks for all of the lovely comments on my blocks from this post. I have not put this project away. Last Sunday I dumped out my entire bag of batik strips and coordinated sets of six strips together. I had enough strips in the bag for 32 more block sets (I need 44 more, but who's counting? Don't worry, I have plenty of batik to cut up). On Monday night I assembled 10 strips sets. If I can managed to finish 10 blocks each week, I'll have enough blocks to make my quilt in a month (or two).

These pretty pink flowers that I asked you about in this blog post are Evening Primrose. Thank you Miss Jean and Kim's Mom, Caroline in Florida, for your speedy (and accurate answer). I will be going to Home Depot and Lowes this weekend to look for some.
Many of you have written to ask about Pinky, who appeared in this blog post. Apparently, because I mentioned that I had bought Pinky on eBay, many of you think I may have gotten a bargain. No such luck! I paid full price for her. Although I will say she is worth every penny and a Featherweight is still much cheaper (and works better) than any machine you could buy today, especially if you're a quilter and all you want to do is sew straight lines.

Anyway, if you want a Pinky (or Bluebelle, or Red Rover, etc.) of your own, here is a link to the vendor that I bought her from (he does lots of painted vintage machines and he does do other colors besides pink)). He did a great job of packaging and shipping Pinky and I recommend him highly. And if you'd rather have a pink 301, he has one of those too...

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Pugs and kisses,

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  1. The quilt is coming along nicely! My husband would freak out if a "colorful" sewing machine showed up at our house. But I love the idea!

  2. That quilt is going to be amazing!

  3. I agree you quilt is going to be amazing.

  4. Your gorgeour trip around the world reminded me I have a WIP somewhere of one started, too. Yours is fabulous in batiks. Love it. I have those flowers. Be aware that they are travelers and will shoot out rhizomes to where ever they sense water, so you may have them show up elsewhere in your garden. They put on such a show. I invite you to link this post to WIPs Be Gone. Everyone would like to know about Pinky and see your quilt. Ends Monday, midnight. I'm a new follower. I want to see what Pinky is up to.