Thursday, July 16, 2015

Val's Piggy Bank Challenge

Val from Val's Quilting Studio is hosting her 3rd annual Piggy Bank Challenge = Money for Quilting. I meant to sign up last year. I did have a jar as you can see (hopefully) below but I didn't officially enter. It is difficult to photograph clear plastic.

I am hereby officially now entering for Year 3! I love my jar which is a big plastic bear that used to hold animal crackers. My friend Richard from work gave it to me (sadly, after he had eaten all the animal crackers inside).
I'm starting with a modest nest egg.
I have collected change in the park when I take the pugs there for a walk, from the dryer when Mike forgets to empty his pants and from the bottom of my purse because my wallet has no change pocket. I use my credit card for everything so I expect my savings to be modest. But every little bit helps.

Val--if you're reading this, I hope that you know that you are one of my favorite quilt bloggers (you're on my blog roll!) and we're all sending pugs and kisses to you and Jackson.

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  1. This is a cool idea (I hopped over to Val's blog, somehow I missed the post on the piggy bank challenge) and I wish you lots of silver!

  2. Good for you!! Hope you overflow your "piggy" bank ;) Any big plans for your quilty nest egg at the end of the challenge?

  3. I have to finish up my piggy bank challenge from last year. But I discovered that someone was pilfering my funds at one point. Bad biscuits for him.

  4. Wellll mark your calendar Nanc as we count and link our savings on July will be fun to see your before and after since your bear is see through:)