Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Personal Best! Three Finishes!

Despite an inauspicious beginning, I finished three projects at our end of January Cape Cod Quilt Weekend.

When I arrived on Thursday afternoon, I started to put the binding on my Scrappy Bargello quilt. I machine sew my bindings on both sides. I do this for three reasons: it's fast, it's sturdy, and I'm too lazy to sew it by hand. I had it almost sewn all the way around the back, but look what happened...
My binding is almost sewn but I was short by about six inches!
Fortunately Joannie came to my rescue. She wasn't planning to drive down to the weekend till Friday morning, so she kindly stopped over at my house and brought me the extra piece of fabric that I needed!
I used three batik jelly rolls to make this top. I love the colors! This one's a keeper and is on our bed.
I also put the binding on Dr. D'Esopo's quilt. This quilt is a gift for Dr. D., my veterinarian. He has taken care of the Pug Pack since I brought Romeo home at eleven weeks old (Romeo is now an old man of 14!).
Dr. D'Esopo's favorite colors are green and blue. This quilt is also batik.
Here I am, hard at work!
I am also making Chubby Charmer tote bags for the three lovely women who work in the office at Dr. D'Esopo's veterinary hospital: Katie, Anna, and Martha. I can not say enough nice things about my Vet and his staff. They are always kind, caring, and welcoming. Last year, one of the Pug Pack always seemed to be at the vet's office and I thought they were going to have to create a frequent visitor pass for me!

I finished Katie's bag. She requested camouflage print.
Here is Katie's Camo Bag!
I made a cute double pocket on one side of the interior.
The other side has a large pocket divided in half and a strap to hold Katie's keys.
Anna's purple patchwork bag is almost done. I just need to make the handles. Martha's bag has not been started yet. She originally requested purple, but the last time I was at the office, she asked if I could change her bag colors to blue, brown and green. There are also several vet techs that work at the practice. I think that I am going to make them pillowcases with cat or dog fabrics.

Now I need to add a 2016 Finished Quilts tab to my blog.

Thanks for visiting!

Pugs and kisses,


  1. Oh Nancy, those quilts are beautiful! I love the Bargello one, however did you do it? They look so confusing. Your Vet staff is so lucky to have you.

  2. Fantastic Nancy!! (I'd keep that one for our bed too)

  3. Oh that is a gorgeous quilt. I think that is definitely a keeper. Your quilt for the vet is great also.