Monday, February 1, 2016

The Amazing Kim G.

Kim G. is sad because she has not been featured in my blog in a while. Kim is one of my Brown Bagger buddies. She organizes our two annual quilt retreats on Cape Cod. I've known her since her youngest daughter Clio came to a quilt guild meeting in her baby carriage. Clio is now a senior in high school. Time flies when you're quilting...
Here is Kim with her Lucky Stars quilt top that she put together at our MLK quilt weekend. The sexy leg in the boot belongs to Pat.
You've seen Kim in the blog many times before. Like all of my Brown Bagger quilting friends, she is amazingly talented. She is also one of the fastest sewers in our group and since she purchased an accuquilt cutter she has attacked her stash with a vengeance and has become virtually unstoppable.

I've just returned from another quilt weekend at the Cape and Kim had yet another layout for last year's birthday blocks.
I'm still amazed at the many different ways these blocks can be laid out.
Here Kim models this year's birthday blocks. Kim will do ANYTHING to be in the blog. I really like that.
Kim is very fond of Kaffe Fassett prints but works in lots of other genres. Here are some of the quilt tops that she cranked out in January.
Kim's folk art quilt mixes African and Australian fabrics with 30s' prints.
Kim made this Frida Kahlo pillow cover to accompany her amazing Frida Kahlo quilt that she recently completed. If you missed the post with this quilt, go back and see it here.
I love the wonderful colors in Kim's stacked bricks quilt. It is Kaffe Fassett fabrics, of course.

Kim finished this queen-sized beauty at our MLK quilt weekend. It is a log cabin design with her grandmother's butterfly design in the large squares.
Kim made lots and lots of log cabin squares. She is contemplating adding some butterflies to her baby quilt version.
Here's a close-up of Kim's butterfly.
Kim made herself a boxy pouch at our MLK weekend.
She wanted to make sure that you saw the bag's lining.
Naughty or nice? You decide. This fabric was purchased at the former Heartbeat Quilts.
How did Kim get so much done in January? It may have helped that the Brown Baggers got together for a record of almost eight days in January. We had our monthly January Sunday meeting, our annual MLK quilt weekend and our annual February weekend at the Cape was early this year, held the last weekend of January. February and March will feel bereft by comparison.

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  1. Kim seems like my soulmate! We have daughters the same age, I binge quilt too, and I love the naughty fabric. Thank you for sharing!

  2. That Kim sure is one amazing person. I hear she sings too!

  3. Wow Kim is my hero! I think I am doing great to get a block done some weeks. :D I want to grow up to be like Kim. ;)

    1. You're not exactly a slacker either, Colette! And she doesn't have little kids to watch all day either!

  4. That bag lining is hilarious! Too bad it's not available any more - I am making a wedding quilt for a friend out of 2 1/2 by 4 1/2 rectangles - it would be so funny to put one rectangle in the quilt! Love to hear about you and your friends' quilting accomplishments!

    1. Hi Joann, I'll check with Kim to see if she has a spare rectangle for you.

  5. Well she sure quilts fast alright! Amazing work.

    1. She is a Speedy Gonzalez! Remember the cartoon? Ariba! Ariba!