Friday, February 26, 2016

Gambling Finally Pays Off!

I'm pleased to report that I finally won a round of RLC at our last quilt weekend at the end of January.  Usually we play for fat quarters, but we'd had a snow storm the week before, so I improvised some new themes. Everyone liked them, so we may re-use them again. The funniest thing was that no-one brought the dice so I went to CVS and bought a set. We put them in our infamous Bag of Crap (holds all our sundries for quilting events, such as cups, forks etc.) so we're guaranteed to have them for the next time!
The competition was fierce! Just kidding, it's a dice game, so it's completely dependent on luck. Here everyone played with three $1 bills.
We played for money one night (as shown above) and I won! It looks like a million, but I believe it was $39 in total. I reinvested it at the local quilt shop before we left. Anything I can do to help the Cape Cod economy. I'm kind of selfless that way...
Cordula won the night we played for scratch tickets (everyone put in three $2 scratch tickets). She claims that her winnings were only $13 despite having 39 tickets. If she shows up at the next quilt weekend in a Jaguar, we'll be a little suspicious...
Joan S. won the night we played Winner's Choice. We all used markers and when Joan won she got to pick whatever she wanted and we all went to the quilt store to go shopping. Joan chose Amy Butler fabrics. Aren't they pretty? We pooled our money and bought Joan yardage, at her request, instead of fat quarters.

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  1. You ladies are have way too much fun. Only $13 huh? I am thinking not only the Jag, but a new home in Aruba.